Forever Changing The St Louis Real Estate Landscape

Forever Changing The St Louis Real Estate Landscape

Forever Changing the​ St .​
Louis Real Estate Landscape
A new company has emerged in​ the​ St .​
Louis Real Estate market .​
On June 15, 2018, Jim Hurley and​ began carving out a​ niche as​ the​ premier website for​ Expert Realtors in​ Metro St .​
Louis Missouri .​
the​ website features the​ latest technological innovations to​ allow home buyers and​ sellers the​ opportunity to​ access more information in​ one place than ever before .​
Consumers can easily navigate, search, and​ find updated information and​ the​ most updated home listings among the​ jungle of​ outdated, obsolete real estate websites .​ focuses on the​ one-stop shop for​ visitors .​
Latest in​ market trends, daily blog posts, easy MLS search with home details and​ photos, and​ smooth navigation all play a​ role in​ providing the​ consumer with the​ most up to​ date and​ relevant information on the​ web.

Jim Hurley who is​ considered one of​ Missouri's top Real Estate Brokers recently sold his interest a​ top 20 St .​
Louis residential real estate firm .​
as​ managing partner at​ his previous company he drove it​ from 15 million in​ sales and​ 11 agents, to​ nearly 300 million in​ sales and​ 70 agents in​ just a​ few years .​
"The website launch is​ just the​ beginning for​ Expert Realtors" says Hurley, "we are in​ a​ changing marketplace and​ most consumers start on the​ internet .​
Our concern is​ providing the​ interface today's consumers’ demand which is​ specific information, current market trends and​ options, and​ a​ quick clean format."

There are a​ variety of​ surveys that show between 74 and​ 79 percent of​ home buyers and​ sellers start in​ the​ internet .​
This is​ true for​ local buyers as​ wells as​ those relocating to​ another market.

Dynamic WebPages, pod casting and​ a​ web log provides an​ avenue for​ the​ consumer to​ get any information they want or​ need .​
This provides international exposure immediately .​
It is​ the​ ideal match for​ the​ consumer .​
"You click search, enter the​ criteria, and​ every matching listing with multiple photos and​ details is​ right there." Currently you can't get that in​ any other medium .​
That's why the​ majority of​ today's real estate advertising is​ focused on driving traffic to​ websites.
For more information on, please contact Jim Hurley at​ 314-749-7909.

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