Forensic Nursing Association

Forensic Nursing Association

Forensic Nursing Associations Serve as​ Catalysts for Forensic Nursing
Nurses as​ we know, assist patients and ​ doctors in the field of​ health care and ​ care giving. ​
as​ the world becomes more and ​ more exposed to crimes, the role of​ the nurse evolved. ​
a​ new branch of​ nursing has grown and ​ this is a​ profession, which covers medical care and ​ judicial or​ legal assistance at ​ the same time. ​
These new breed of​ professionals convene in what is called a​ forensic nursing association.
Forensic nurses practice this newest form of​ forensic science where they gather evidences related to a​ crime that may have been committed on a​ patient. ​
The forensic information they gather can be used during trials, which may also call them as​ professional witnesses.
Forensic nursing is primarily geared towards helping victims of​ violence by producing the evidences that will help solve the crime. ​
The traditional way to investigate on a​ patient is to have several people approach and ​ ask questions. ​
These are the social workers, doctors, police, FBI agent, etc. ​
The victim, who may still be traumatized, will only feel worst since the recaps of​ the crime will have to be repeated over and ​ over again. ​
This can be addressed by having just one person do everything from beginning to end of​ the investigation. ​
Beginning being, evidence gathering and ​ end being, court trials and ​ possible justice for the victim. ​
The forensic nurse can be all these.
Forensic nurses take charge of​ cases of​ abuse and ​ violent crimes and ​ oftentimes, these nurses find their work truly enjoyable and ​ very much rewarding. ​
Owe it​ to the popularity of​ related TV programs on cable, or​ owe it​ to the increasing crime rate, more and ​ more clinic nurses who feel they could qualify, are enrolling in certification programs.
The American Nurses Association recognizes this new field that is fast becoming popular. ​
Nurses who just graduated as​ well as​ the really experienced Registered Nurses can consider this as​ their career path.
Many experts see the demand for the forensic nurses to grow and ​ grow. ​
This should be a​ cause for alarm since the growth of​ these special nurses mean there is increasing crime rate in the country but that’s practically why the field got conceptualized.
Organizations like the International Association of​ Forensic Nurses IAFN have been created to lead this budding group of​ forensics professionals. ​
Associations like the IAFN provide services to help develop the field. ​
They implement programs that promote the science, and ​ disseminate necessary information about the new practice.
Members of​ these organizations are registered nurses that are into forensic nursing activities like
* Scientific investigation of​ a​ evidences gathered
* Providing treatment to patients who are traumatized
* Handling interpersonal violence cases like sexual assault, abuses of​ all kinds, and ​ domestic violence
* Investigation of​ death
* Managing forensic psychiatric cases
* Correctional nursing in prisons or​ rehabilitation centers
Most forensic nurses have major roles in the following venues special hospital units, offices of​ the medical examiners or​ coroners, law enforcement agencies, social service units of​ the government, and ​ other related institutions. ​
This new field has indeed opened more doors for all nurses worldwide.
A forensic nursing association plays a​ big role in the development of​ this very significant aspect of​ forensics, judicial, and ​ medical systems in the society. ​
These groups could be the best media to assist in the fight against violence and ​ crimes.

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