Ford Explorer 2018 Review

Ford Explorer 2018 Review

Recently I have tested the new Ford Explorer 2018 RSC Advanced Trail. And I was impressed. I leave you to​ find a​ complete list of​ specifications of​ this the most selling SUV in​ North America somewhere else on numerous websites, in​ car magazines, and present below impression and opinion of​ my own.

Ford Explorer 2018 is​ the real proof that straggling company is​ on a​ right track to​ gain back trust of​ Americans significantly corroded in​ a​ last 15-20 years, although Explorer, as​ it​ mentioned before, remains the bestseller through these years of​ Japanese auto expansion to​ the American market.

The new Explorer is​ one of​ those vehicles that present well balanced combination of​ SUV and car abilities. Its highway ride on a​ 100/120 km per hour is​ smooth and absolute cars’ like. in​ fact I regret while on a​ front passenger seat that this SUV is​ missing a​ handle above the window which is​ standard on every well equipped car model. Other than that it​ is​ provide car’s comfort in​ every dimension with very good noise protection. Powerful engine almost silent, suspension soft enough, dashboard is​ well designed with all buttons of​ a​ right size and in​ proper place except maybe gear shifter that looks like an​ on/off switch on a​ kids electronic toy.

I am a​ car guy, so to​ continue SUV/car comparison I have also figured out that the front passenger of​ new Explorer is​ slightly discriminated (as at​ most trucks and cars) compare to​ the driver in​ its ability to​ go in/out of​ the truck. While driver enjoys “seat moving back” feature when key is​ out from ignition, passenger is​ climbing in​ its seat with far less comfort ability. Nevertheless both driver and passenger seats are comfortable even for a​ long ride. Praising designers for the Explorer’s dashboard I will withdraw a​ few compliments back while talking about inside door handles. as​ for me they are located too low to​ be good to​ grab to​ open/close the door for an​ average size man.

Every vehicle today is​ a​ receptacle of​ cap holders and Explorer is​ no exception. But not every one has convenient and big enough glove compartment, so our tester is​ definitely not a​ winner here.

I like adjustable pedals, it​ is​ a​ great option. But is​ it​ safe to​ allow the driver to​ adjust pedal while driving?

There is​ plenty of​ room on a​ second raw seats and roomy enough although less comfortable on a​ third. at​ least you have an​ option: carry 6 passengers and no luggage or​ 4 with descent cubic footage on a​ back of​ your Explorer.

For some reason all four doors of​ new Explorer in​ their lowest part are sharply curved towards the body of​ the vehicle and it’s cool and probably gives some extra rigidity. But if​ you are tended to​ notice with regret every new scratch on your beast/beauty body (pick the one!); you will see them (scratches) for sure right after taking Explorer off road for a​ first time. Scratches easily appear on a​ lower part of​ rear doors which sandwiches between the vehicle’s frames and sidestep with so small clearance in​ between, that sand and muds sticking to​ the doors are working as​ abrasives for all surfaces.
Few years ago I have tested then new Explorer 2018 along with others SUVs in​ a​ same class like Nissan Pathfinder, Jeep Cherokee etc. That Ford Explorer was not much different or​ worse than other contestants in​ terms of​ off road capabilities. But it​ was squeaking and crackling on every serious pothole or​ bump. There is​ nothing like this on Explorer 2018.

Year after year customer demands more and more from the vehicle and auto manufacturers should accommodate those demands to​ keep pace. Ford made it​ with the new Explorer. it​ is​ really great truck.

Ford Explorer 2018 Review

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