For Sale By Owner And The Web

For Sale By Owner And The Web

For Sale By Owner and​ the​ Web
Unless you have been living under a​ rock, you know the​ Internet has radically changed society .​
In real estate, this has led to​ a​ massive surge in​ for​ sale by owner properties on the​ web .​
For Sale By Owner and​ the​ Web
In the​ past, choosing to​ go the​ path of​ for​ Sale By Owner could turn out to​ be incredibly difficult and​ overbearing .​
Realtors dominated the​ market because they had proprietary access to​ the​ multiple listing service, known as​ MLS, and​ you had to​ be listed in​ it​ if​ you wanted your property to​ be seen .​
Thankfully, the​ Internet has made selling a​ home yourself incredibly easy in​ a​ variety of​ ways.
If we flash back 10 years to​ the​ pre-internet days, we would find a​ real estate market that looks foreign to​ what we have today .​
In that market, the​ number one method for​ selling your home was to​ list it​ in​ the​ multiple listing service controlled by real estate agents .​
This, of​ course, allowed them to​ get their hooks into you and​ squeeze out a​ commission regardless of​ the​ quality of​ service they provided .​
If we flash forward to​ the​ present day, we find a​ new landscape .​
A 2018 study of​ homebuyers across the​ United States revealed a​ fact that most realtors are loath to​ admit to, but know exists .​
Over 70 percent of​ homebuyers shop for​ potential properties on the​ internet .​
Yes, seven out of​ every 10 are hopping online and​ finding the​ property of​ their dreams .​
Why? the​ reason is​ very simple .​
Would you rather drive all over town looking at​ homes that don’t really match what you are after and​ blowing your valuable time or​ would you prefer to​ sit at​ your computer and​ click through properties with pictures? Unless you really love driving, the​ answer is​ obvious .​
In our modern society, time is​ the​ most valuable asset .​
Listing your property on the​ internet is​ a​ huge time saver because it​ is​ all point and​ click .​
If you are selling, you can upload descriptions and​ pictures for​ buyers to​ view .​
If you are buying, you can see pictures of​ both the​ inside and​ outside of​ potential properties while relaxing at​ your desk .​
Either way, it​ beats sitting in​ traffic while driving all over town.

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