Following A Builder For Profits An Example

Following A Builder For Profits An Example

Following a​ Builder for Profits - An Example
As the real estate market begins to​ calm down, many worry about making a​ profit on their homes .​
Here’s an​ example of​ the follow the builder profit strategy.
Follow That Builder
In many areas of​ the country, there are builders who build hundreds of​ houses each year within a​ fifty mile radius of​ each other .​
They build entire communities, or​ are one of​ three to​ five builders who build entire communities around big employment centers .​
This is​ important .​
Hang with me and you’ll find out why.
The first couple I​ met who worked the pattern I’m talking about did it​ the first time almost by accident .​
They bought one of​ the first houses built in​ a​ neighborhood that took about two years to​ build out .​
Toward the end of​ the two year period, they were out for a​ walk and, on impulse, went into a​ house under construction that represented a​ bit of​ a​ move up from their home .​
The same builder who had built their home was building it.
The couple went to​ the sales office of​ the builder and found out that the house they’d walked through was already under contract .​
They were shocked to​ find out the price was $150,000 more than they’d paid for their home! The house was a​ little larger, but not enough to​ account for the difference .​
In fact, they found out their home had increased $100,000 in​ value.
A Repeatable Pattern
Builders usually have bright, attractive, cheerful, enthusiastic people on their sales forces .​
These people often have a​ wealth of​ knowledge .​
They know (or can usually find out) which communities the builder has built in, is​ building in, and maybe even where they’re going from there .​
They know a​ lot about the pattern of​ price increases for various models .​
They have some idea of​ the speed of​ build out.
It’s also possible to​ take walks in​ a​ builder’s neighborhoods and ask people how that builder is​ to​ work with, if​ construction and punch list completion are done reasonably and well, and if​ they’d choose that same builder again under similar circumstances.
If all the information you develop is​ favorable, you can start to​ follow that builder .​
Builders usually sell the first few houses in​ a​ neighborhood for less money than any of​ the homes subsequently built .​
They’re contracted for before the streets and amenities are complete, and it​ takes a​ lot more imagination to​ see a​ charming, pleasant neighborhood where now there’s only mud and bulldozers .​
Follow the builder is​ a​ strategy that has been used .​
If you like a​ particular builder, you can use the strategy to​ put serious money in​ your pocket.

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