Focus Your SEO Efforts On Google And The Rest Will Follow

Focus Your SEO Efforts On Google And The Rest Will Follow

When optimizing your website for the​ search engines,​ you​ really have three choices on​ which one to​ optimize for – Google,​ Yahoo,​ or​ MSN. Each search engine has certain criteria that is​ emphasized more and the​ factors that help you​ rank well differ from search engine to​ search engine.

For example,​ do a​ search for the​ term “sports” and you’ll find that ESPN holds the​ top spot in​ Google,​ while Yahoo! Sports holds the​ top spot in​ Yahoo and Fox Sports holds the​ top spot in​ MSN.

Of course,​ then again,​ if​ you​ do a​ search for “hotels”,​ you’ll find that has the​ top spot in​ all three search engines.

So what’s a​ person to​ do when optimizing their websites?

My advice is​ to​ focus your attention on​ optimizing your website to​ rank well in​ Google. Yahoo and MSN combined don’t send as​ much traffic as​ Google will if​ you​ hold the​ top spot. Since Google gets nearly half (about 49%) of​ ALL search engine traffic,​ it’s makes sense that you’d want to​ focus your efforts on​ Google.

Also,​ since Google has the​ reputation for providing the​ most relevant results,​ Yahoo and MSN tend to​ always be playing catch up. So what’s working well in​ Google will likely work for both Yahoo and MSN.

However,​ if​ you​ optimize for just Yahoo or​ MSN,​ you’re not likely to​ rank as​ well in​ Google.

One thing I also like about Google is​ how fast they’re currently updating their index. you​ can get a​ website up,​ get a​ few links,​ and be indexed in​ less than a​ week. Yahoo and MSN tend to​ be a​ lot slower in​ getting your website indexed. Also,​ the​ rankings change less often in​ Yahoo and MSN,​ which is​ great if​ you​ hold the​ top ranking,​ but not so great when you’re trying to​ climb up in​ the​ rankings. With Google’s frequently updating index,​ you​ get more feedback on​ how well your search engine optimization efforts are paying off.

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