Fly Fishing Magazines

Fly Fishing Magazines

Fly Fishing Magazines
One of​ the​ best ways to​ learn about fly fishing is​ by reading about it .​
You don’t have to​ buy hundreds of​ books, though .​
There are many magazines dedicated to​ fly fishing, and​ most of​ them can give you a​ lot of​ great information.
The leading magazine, and​ probably the​ most popular, is​ Fly Fisherman .​
This magazine gives lots of​ great tips and​ tricks you can try, and​ it​ brings you some of​ the​ most up-to-date news about streams and​ rivers that are popular with fly fishermen .​
You can get reviews of​ lodges and​ destinations as​ well as​ reports as​ to​ where the​ fish are biting the​ best .​
Subscription rates are $24 per year, and​ you can also check them online at​
Fly Rod and​ Reel is​ another popular magazine among experienced fly fishers .​
They touch on fishing etiquette, fly tying, and​ human interest stories from other fishermen .​
Recent issues have focused on conservation efforts along with ways to​ preserve the​ areas you will be fishing so others can enjoy the​ same waters .​
It is​ published six times per year and​ subscription rates are $19.97 for​ one full year .​
Online, they are located at​
Fly Fish America is​ an​ excellent magazine that brings you very comprehensive information on fly fishing .​
They do reviews of​ various fly fishing gear, give instructions on how to​ tie different flies as​ well as​ provide fishing reports .​
This magazine is​ also online at​ .​
a​ yearly subscription for​ the​ paper form of​ the​ magazine for​ 7 issues is​ just $15.95.
When you subscribe to​ American Angler magazine, you will find practical information on the​ tactics, techniques, tackle, and​ flies that will bring you more success in​ your fly fishing endeavors .​
Recent issues have focused on the​ advantages to​ using wet flies as​ well as​ a​ south Alaska fly fishing expedition .​
It is​ also published six times a​ year with a​ subscription rate of​ $19.95 per year.
A specialty magazine called Fly Tyer is​ the​ only magazine dedicated exclusively to​ the​ art of​ tying your own flies .​
Publishing quarterly, Fly Tyer has all sorts of​ articles on the​ history, tradition, and​ innovations in​ the​ art of​ fly tying .​
for​ four issues, which is​ a​ year’s subscription, it​ will cost you $19.95.
There are many, many more fly fishing magazines that are published .​
Most will offer you some excellent information along with tips and​ techniques that you can put to​ use on your next fly fishing trip .​
Find one that you like and​ take in​ all that it​ has to​ offer .​
That’s how great fishermen are made!

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