Fly Fishing Equipment

Fly Fishing Equipment

Fly Fishing Equipment
Just as​ with any other sport, the​ equipment you use when fly fishing can be very important .​
There are various types of​ equipment that you need when you undertake fly fishing, and​ be prepared because some of​ it​ can get quite expensive!
Of course, you’ll need a​ rod and​ reel .​
What type of​ rod you choose depends on the​ type of​ fish you will be angling for​ .​
Fly rods are ranked according to​ their net weight capabilities (nwt) .​
the​ nwt number will tell you what type of​ fish you will be able to​ catch .​
Fish that weigh 8 pounds will require at​ least an​ 8 nwt rod, etc .​
the​ larger the​ nwt number, the​ larger fish you can catch.
Some rods are multi-rated (e.g .​
7-9 nwt) .​
These rods are good to​ use because they can accommodate a​ variety of​ fish, but multi-rated rods tend to​ be less flexible than single rated rods .​

Rods are made of​ fiberglass, graphite, or​ bamboo .​
Fiberglass rods are durable and​ less expensive .​
Fiberglass rods are best for​ beginning fly fishermen because they can be used in​ a​ variety of​ situations .​
Graphite rods are lighter and​ will give you more fighting weight when it​ comes to​ landing a​ fish .​
Bamboo rods can be expensive, but they are extremely strong and​ are suited to​ a​ more laid-back casting style.
Your fly line will need to​ match the​ nwt of​ your rod .​
if​ you have an​ 8 nwt rod, you’ll need to​ use an​ 8 nwt line .​
It is​ acceptable to​ go one or​ two sizes above or​ below your rod weight (i.e .​
9 nwt or​ 7 nwt) .​
Buy line that is​ strong and​ durable .​
Some lines are specially designed for​ freshwater, saltwater, etc.
You will also need to​ have a​ durable net that you can carry with you .​
After the​ fish has lost its will to​ fight, a​ good net is​ used to​ scoop them out of​ the​ water .​
This can be a​ big part of​ your fly fishing equipment because without a​ good net, you won’t be able to​ get your fish out of​ the​ water!
Having the​ right fly fishing equipment is​ important for​ both the​ beginner as​ well as​ the​ experienced angler .​
as​ you get better and​ better at​ the​ sport, you will begin to​ see how important having good equipment can be .​
You can always upgrade, so it’s good to​ start out small and​ work your way up to​ the​ more expensive stuff .​
Your fly fishing equipment can make a​ world of​ difference between landing that big fish or​ catching an​ ordinary one.

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