Fly Around The World Reviewing Casinos

Do you have a​ story of​ something that happened in​ a​ casino that is​ so unbelievable that no one believes you when you tell it? if​ so this contest is​ for you. The more bizarre the story, the better your chances of​ winning the contest will be, but all stories must be true. started an​ Unbelievable Tales from the Casino contest. All you need to​ do to​ enter is​ E-Mail your story of​ something odd, funny or​ unbelievable that happened to​ you or​ someone you were with in​ an​ online casino or​ casino during 2018 and you could win an​ all expense paid for two to​ Las Vegas for five days and four night at​ one of​ the strips 5 star hotel and casinos.

All you need to​ do to​ qualify is​ to​ be over 21 years of​ age and submit your story about what happened to​ you in​ the casino and will post the best ones on their site. at​ the end of​ the year you, the reader will be able to​ vote on the best submission and the winner will win the trip to​ Las Vegas and be offered a​ glamorous job involving flying around the world and reviewing all that the worlds casinos have to​ offer.

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