Florida Workers Compensation And Information On Workers Compensation

Florida Workers Compensation And Information On Workers Compensation

You have a​ permanent impairment which has resulted in​ a​ work-related physical restriction which may affect your ability to​ perform the duties of​ your usual occupation or​ other appropriate employment. if​ this physical restriction causes you to​ lose wages, you may be entitled to​ additional benefit payments under the Florida Workers Compensation Law.

Within 5 working days of​ its first knowledge of​ the date of​ temporary partial disability, the claims handling entity shall mail to​ the employee an​ informational letter, which explains the employee’s eligibility for temporary partial wage loss benefits,

You may be ineligible for wage loss benefits during that period. in​ addition, to​ be eligible for wage loss benefits, you must demonstrate that you have made a​ valid effort to​ obtain suitable gainful employment and that your loss of​ wages is​ due to​ your work-related physical restriction and NOT due to​ economic conditions, the unavailability of​ jobs, your unemployment due to​ misconduct or​ your failure to​ accept employment within your capabilities. to​ show that you have made a​ genuine effort to​ obtain employment, list the dates, names, addresses, type of​ work, person contacted and the telephone number of​ the places of​ employment that you have contacted.

Florida Workers’ Compensation Law allows us to​ evaluate your efforts to​ obtain gainful employment beginning with the 13th week after you have reached maximum medical improvement.

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