Florida A Land Of Sunny Fishing Opportunities

Florida A Land Of Sunny Fishing Opportunities

Florida is​ known for its sandy beaches, oranges, and sunny weather. it​ is​ also known for its plentiful salt water fishing opportunities. it​ is​ important to​ realize that when you are fishing in​ Florida’s waters that you are governed by Florida laws for up to​ three nautical miles of​ the Atlantic Ocean, and up to​ nine nautical miles on the Gulf of​ Mexico. Once you extend past those distances, federal law rules you. if​ you need to​ know the current laws, it​ is​ recommended that you check with the Florida Fish & Wildlife. That is​ the best way to​ stay up to​ date with fishing laws.

The first thing that you will need to​ do so that you may enjoy Florida salt-water fishing, is​ obtain a​ saltwater fishing license. You can purchase a​ saltwater fishing license at​ your local county tax collector’s office, or​ through fishing tackle and bait shops. Licenses are sold to​ Florida residents, and you will need to​ show proof of​ residency. You may also purchase saltwater fishing licenses online or​ by telephone. Non-residents may also purchase licenses. These are typically sold in​ either three-day or​ seven day license formats, although they may also purchase a​ yearly non-resident license.

Residents may also choose to​ purchase a​ lifetime license. These are a​ great way for those who know that they will continually be fishing to​ make sure that they have all of​ their bases covered. You’ll actually discover that if​ you purchase lifetime saltwater fishing licenses for your children, that you will save money. However, children under the age of​ 16 do not need a​ license.

You also don’t need a​ license if​ you are a​ Florida resident and are saltwater fishing for fun. This includes fishing from a​ pier, bridge, dock, or​ on land. There are many other situations in​ where you may fish without a​ license. Again, the best way to​ determine the laws that are applicable for your particular situation is​ to​ contact the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission.

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