Flash Opens New Windows And Opportunities For Game Designers

Flash Opens New Windows And Opportunities For Game Designers

Flash opens new windows and opportunities for game designers
Flash is​ an​ interactive platform that has a​ powerful design and animation tool along with a​ dynamic scripting engine, bitmap rendering, as​ well as​ advanced video and audio playback .​
There are three main aspects: the player, the file format, and the authoring tool/IDE .​
Flash games can be developed for websites, interactive TV, as​ well as​ handheld devices .​
There is​ no need to​ adopt multiple programming languages to​ build games.
It is​ the universal tool that permits the development of​ multimedia driven complex games .​
Games means fast, furious, efficient with rich graphics .​
Flash enables developers to​ build the most popular games for online gamers .​
It just needs to​ support:
• Rich engaging graphics.
• Smooth download of​ files from the net.
• A playback device that can interpret downloads.
There are three main areas: design, development, and hosting .​

The first step is​ creation of​ graphics .​
One must use Fireworks as​ well as​ Freehand for this aspect .​
The tools are compatible and fireworks allows the addition of​ Java script to​ images.
The game development will be done in​ Flash by importing graphics created in​ Freehand and Fireworks .​
The graphics are then placed in​ Director the parent tool of​ Flash.
The next part, hosting, uses a​ Web server .​
Dreamweaver MX is​ the tool that will create Web pages to​ host the game .​
And, finally Action Script is​ used to​ provide enhanced functionality .​
• Integrates almost all features needed for developing a​ game .​
It is​ a​ great interactive tool.
• Can be used anywhere does not need additional software or​ plug ins.
• It is​ Mac friendly.
• Permits conversion from a​ full game to​ web version and vice versa.
• Low cost and free to​ distribute .​
Licenses for decoders MP3 and Sorensen Spark are included.
• Artists that can use flash easily are in​ plenty.
• Flash delivers broadcast quality images over the Internet .​
• Permits embedding of​ game in​ power point for use in​ presentations .​
• Plenty of​ information as​ well as​ guidelines can be accessed as​ well as​ understood by all –tutorials, articles, as​ well as​ blogs.
• The size of​ the game file remains small as​ the vector graphics and sound files are compressed.
• Learning Flash language is​ easy.
• Permits copy-paste to​ test components
There are traps one must be wary of​ and a​ few cons .​
Know the system well to​ maximize its use .​
There are plenty of​ tutorials inline that can be used as​ guides .​
Flash interface is​ ideally suited to​ both designer as​ well as​ developer, you can have fun while creating the game .​

Flash is​ simple to​ use and a​ game can be developed in​ a​ few hours in​ a​ packaged form that can run on a​ PC, Mac, or​ Linux .​
One can make use of​ a​ browser or​ run the game as​ a​ stand alone.

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