Flash Casinos And Their Purpose In Current Times

Flash Casinos And Their Purpose In Current Times

Flash Casinos and their purpose in​ current times
Flash based online casinos have a​ distinct purpose to​ serve on​ the​ internet yet from numerous informal inquiries this writer concludes that in​ many cases the​ flash casino is​ not properly used to​ satisfy the​ need for which they are most currently necessary.
It is​ true they were first designed so that there would be no need to​ download anything to​ your PC.This was necessary because back in​ the​ days when flash casinos first arrived upon the​ virtual gambling scene the​ download version of​ many online casinos was just too big of​ a​ file to​ merit keeping more than one casino on​ the​ home PC .​
The coming of​ the​ flash games changed the​ need for so much room to​ be available .​
In fact to​ play the​ flash games you didn't need to​ download anything at​ all.
A common misconception about flash casinos is​ that they are faster than the​ download version .​
This is​ simply not true and in​ fact the​ download version (once loaded onto your PC which takes less than five minutes on​ my connection) is​ as​ fast as​ anything this writer has seen on​ the​ net .​
Flash casinos do need to​ download certain aspects of​ their games onto your PC although they may not make that perfectly clear because it​ all goes away when you close down the​ game .​
The point I'm making is​ that it​ takes time for these aspects to​ load onto your PC and this is​ a​ process which is​ repeated every time you change games or​ if​ you have to​ re-open the​ game you're currently playing because flash games are known to​ lose connection though this has been less of​ a​ problem in​ current times.
In any case the​ flash games are going to​ take considerably longer than the​ downloaded version in​ terms of​ loading (by that and they are also slower in​ returning game results .​
and only offer you half the​ amount of​ choices .​
a​ good general rule of​ thumb is​ whatever amount of​ games are in​ the​ download version there will be about sixty-percent of​ those available in​ the​ flash casino.

The actual time difference between going through the​ process to​ be able to​ play in​ the​ flash casino and the​ process to​ be able to​ play in​ the​ download version is​ about five minutes on​ a​ DSL or​ broadband connection .​
What then is​ so important about flash casinos if​ they are not faster and can provide only about half the​ variety of​ the​ download? Convenience my friends .​
Although the​ flash casino is​ not as​ attractive for reasons already mentioned,​ it​ becomes ever so much more when the​ next choice is​ not playing at​ all .​
It is​ very hard to​ carry your PC with you at​ all times but if​ all you need to​ have available is​ your login and password and a​ means to​ access the​ net,​ then the​ prospect of​ gambling at​ your favorite online casino while away from your home becomes a​ very tangible option that many people take full advantage .​
This is​ the​ true manner in​ which the​ flash casino is​ valuable in​ these times because very few PCs are so stressed for space they can't easily afford the​ room to​ have a​ downloaded casino or​ even more than one.

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