Flag Football Strategies Offense

Flag Football Strategies Offense

This article will cover flag football strategies. I am going to​ assume you are coaching or​ playing 7-on-7 flag football.

Offense in​ flag consists of​ a​ couple of​ key things, first misdirection. Misdirection is​ key for​ running an​ efficient offense. Reverses, halfback passes, and​ having your offensive lineman pass are some very effective trick plays. Those plays are a​ good place to​ start from. You can add your unique touches on these plays. Try to​ run a​ trick play once every 12-15 plays.

Next, remember to​ use your offensive lineman for​ catching passes. Most teams just use their offensive linemen to​ block. Using your offensive lineman to​ only block will limit your offense. for​ example, when starting a​ game, start the​ game by passing to​ your offensive lineman. as​ the​ defensive begins to​ key on your offensive lineman, your wide receivers will begin to​ get open for​ the​ deep passes.

Speed is​ key in​ flag football, especially for​ offensives. Every position should have a​ player who has speed, even your offensive lineman. a​ slow offensively player does more damage to​ your offense and​ will also slow your offense down. There may be some situations where you may want a​ big slow lineman in​ the​ game but these situations should come rarely. With fast players on the​ field the​ defense will not be able to​ key out your top offensive performers. Speed, speed, and​ more speed mixed with misdirection plays will help you score a​ ton of​ points.

Somethings you should practice with your offensive units are breaking towards the​ sidelines after a​ catch, catching the​ ball at​ the​ highest point, and​ blocking. Teach your players to​ break towards the​ sidelines. There are two reasons for​ this: First the​ sidelines cut off the​ numbers of​ flags the​ defenders can pull and​ second, it​ makes it​ tough for​ the​ defenders to​ get a​ good angle to​ pull the​ flags that are available. Catching the​ ball at​ the​ highest point teaches your players to​ be aggressive and​ to​ go up and​ get the​ ball. a​ simple drill to​ use is​ to​ have a​ head to​ head competition between two players. Toss the​ ball and​ allow the​ players to​ fight for​ it. the​ loser runs a​ lap and​ if​ they both drop the​ ball then they both run a​ lap. Blocking is​ key and​ the​ blocks do not have to​ be quality blocks. Pretty much your players just have to​ put a​ body on someone. One key block can lead to​ a​ big play for​ your offense. These are basic flag football strategies, you can build from here.

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