Flag Football Strategies Defense

Flag Football Strategies Defense

Using flag football strategies to​ run your defense is​ a​ lot easier then using flag football strategies to​ run an​ offense. when creating your defense a​ couple of​ things to​ focus on are 1. not giving up the​ big play and​ 2. pulling the​ flag. When running a​ defense a​ simple formation is​ to​ have 2 Defensive Ends, 2 Defensive Backs, 2 Linebackers, and​ 2 safeties.

We will start with your defensive ends first. Your defensive ends should be your top 2 athletes. Why? Because in​ flag football most offensive plays take time to​ develop. With you top 2 athletes creating havoc in​ the​ backfield your defense has already won half the​ battle. Have your defensive ends line up about 3 feet outside of​ the​ tackle and​ let them loose. Their main job is​ to​ force the​ offense into mistakes giving the​ rest of​ your defense a​ chance to​ capitalize on those mistakes.

Your defensive backs should be your 2 most aggressive players. Attitude is​ key here. Your defensive backs will be the​ only players in​ man coverage. They need to​ be aggressive and​ have speed. Your defensive backs should line up at​ the​ line of​ scrimmage and​ bump the​ receivers at​ the​ snap of​ the​ ball. Bumping the​ wide receivers serves two purposes. First , it​ sets the​ tone for​ the​ game and​ gives your defensive an​ edge with intimidation. Next it​ puts your defensive backs in​ a​ great position to​ help out and​ cover the​ run.

Your 2 linebackers should be your best flag pullers on the​ team. Your linebackers main job is​ to​ clean up any plays that get away from your defensive ends and​ backs. Your linebackers will play a​ zone and​ their zone will be each half of​ the​ field. Your linebackers main job is​ to​ protect not to​ attack. You should not blitz your linebackers unless you have. When you blitz your linebackers you leave half of​ the​ field open.

Your 2 safeties are your last resort. Their only job is​ to​ prevent the​ big play. No one should ever get deeper than your safeties. Teach your safeties to​ keep everything in​ front of​ them. Their main job is​ to​ protect against the​ big play.

These are very basic defensive flag football strategies but when used correctly they are very effective.

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