Fix Computer Free The 7 Commandments

Fix Computer Free: the​ 7 Commandments
Do you become glassy-eyed when technicians spout computerese? Can’t they just speak in​ plain,​ simple English when they fix computer snags? Here is​ hope .​
Read on.
Should you beware of​ geeks preaching fast fix computer free?
Do you have computer problems? the​ most common is​ the​ slowing down of​ the​ system .​
Fix computer experts say this is​ the​ easiest to​ tackle .​
They list down 7 commandments to​ successfully rev up an​ arthritic unit .​
Don’t despair .​
It’s all in​ simple English! People want to​ know what’s wrong with their computers and how to​ fix computer free of​ hitches,​ so open the​ door to​ the​ geeks bearing tweaks .​
They will save your day.
A free fix computer guide everybody would die for
Whether you like it​ or​ not,​ or​ pretend not to​ know,​ your electronic playmate will eventually encounter problems .​
This is​ the​ most dreaded part of​ owning a​ PC which becomes your better half – for better or​ for worse,​ till glitch do you part .​
But will you allow it? Of course not .​
a​ frantic call to​ a​ fix computer service shop will be the​ order of​ the​ day.
This fix computer free guide is​ good for slowing PCs .​
This may be caused by a​ lot of​ things – downloading big files like games and images and adding those very important dictionaries .​
There are also other reasons and these are very simple,​ like improperly plugged cables .​
Imagine that.
1 .​
Restart your computer .​
Surely,​ this is​ basic and everybody has gotten the​ hang of​ this .​
Close all files and go to​ the​ main menu .​
Click shut down computer .​
You are immediately given multiple choices: Shutdown computer,​ restart computer,​ or​ log off .​
Click restart and run scan disk .​
In most cases PCs come to​ life again with just a​ restart .​
There is​ built-in software that revives the​ PC .​
Sometimes you will encounter a​ frozen case .​
This means your computer just won’t shut down .​
Unplug it​ and let it​ rest .​
After 30 minutes (just to​ be on​ the​ safe side),​ plug it​ back in​ .​
It will work fine.
2 .​
Check your computer cables .​
Are the​ cables in​ their proper sockets?
3 .​
Check the​ computer wires .​
Are they all plugged into the​ outlets?
4 .​
Are the​ outlets in​ working condition? Better be careful about this,​ though.
5 .​
Remove peripherals,​ such as​ mouse,​ keyboard,​ scanner,​ and external hard drives,​ and reset the​ computer .​
Observe if​ the​ computer gains speed without these excess baggage .​
Listen if​ there are strange sounds .​
Check the​ lights .​
Are they on?
6 .​
When you unplug your unit take a​ peek inside .​
Are the​ cards and the​ wires properly installed? a​ practiced eye may spot any irregularity .​
Don’t worry,​ in​ time you’ll make perfect .​
Double check the​ wires before you turn the​ PC on.
7 .​
Check out any missing Windows devices .​
This is​ another reason for your PC’s reduced speed .​
It is​ missing something .​
Go to​ the​ Start menu,​ settings,​ and then the​ control panel .​
Click the​ Device Manager tab .​
If you see an​ exclamation mark,​ then it​ is​ missing a​ system .​
You can delete this drive by right clicking it .​
Also reboot the​ system when you’re through.
Remember if​ you have installed any software .​
Try thinking back if​ the​ problem started then .​
If it​ did,​ uninstall this software and test the​ computer’s speed .​
Reinstall Windows .​
This may be the​ clue .​
There is​ no need to​ reformat your PC,​ unless you really have to​ .​
Use your installation CD and double click the​ setup.exe file.
If all these 7 commandments do not work,​ then seek the​ fix computer expert or​ the​ geek bearing tweaks.

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