Five Tips For Buying Plasma Tvs

Five Tips for​ Buying Plasma TVs
If you've been wanting a​ plasma TV but need the​ justification to​ do so, there are numerous reasons for​ buying plasma TVs .​
First, of​ course, is​ picture quality .​
Because plasma TVs are made up of​ individual pixels, each pixel can display any one of​ billions of​ colors, making images come to​ life .​
Second, plasma TVs are flexible, in​ that they can display standard TV images, DVD movies, images from games, and​ - of​ course - HDTV .​
Third, plasma TVs take up very little space .​
You no longer have to​ have a​ home theater system that is​ four feet deep .​
Plasma TVs are usually less than six inches deep and​ can easily be mounted on a​ wall or​ hung from the​ ceiling .​
Fourth, plasma TVs are simply the​ technology of​ today .​
Why spend the​ little free time you have watching muddy images on an​ older TV when you can enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and​ games in​ bright, crisp color?
Once you've decided to​ take the​ plunge, though, how do you go about choosing from among the​ many plasma TVs on the​ market? Here are five things to​ consider:
1 .​
Screen Size: When it​ comes to​ plasma TVs, bigger is​ only better if​ you have enough room .​
In this case, enough room isn't defined as​ the​ space where you will mount your plasma TV, but rather the​ room between you and​ the​ TV .​
For example, there should be at​ least eight feet of​ space between the​ viewer and​ a​ 37-inch plasma screen, and​ at​ least 15 feet of​ space between the​ viewer and​ a​ 50-inch plasma TV .​
2 .​
Connections: You should choose a​ plasma TV that has the​ kind and​ number of​ outlets you need for​ the​ other components of​ your home theater system .​
Some of​ the​ available connections include component video, high-definition multimedia interface, A/V jacks, digital visual interface, and​ S-video .​
3 .​
High Definition: Some plasma TVs come equipped with high-definition tuners, while others are simply HDTV-ready .​
If you're going to​ invest in​ a​ plasma TV, you should go with high definition .​
Look for​ at​ least 720 pixels as​ the​ second number in​ the​ resolution description .​
For example, a​ 1024 x 768 plasma screen is​ high definition; an​ 853 x 480 resolution is​ not .​
4 .​
Mounting: There are several ways to​ mount plasma TVs, so think about whether you are going to​ mount yours on a​ stand, flat against wall, or​ from the​ ceiling - then make sure to​ get the​ necessary hardware for​ installation .​
5 .​
Enjoy! Once you've made your selection from among the​ many plasma TVs on the​ market and​ installed it​ in​ your home theater, be sure to​ sit back, relax, and​ enjoy your new purchase for​ many years to​ come!

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