Five Stumbling Blocks To Successful Networking And How To Overcome Them

Five Stumbling Blocks To Successful Networking And How To Overcome Them

Five Stumbling Blocks To Successful Networking and​ How To Overcome Them
The ability to​ connect with people is​ essential to​ success in​ any business .​
Professional networking events present opportunities to​ interact with others on a​ personal level and​ to​ develop profitable relationships .​
These occasions are critical for​ anyone who wants to​ grow a​ business or​ promote a​ career.
Many people are simply not comfortable walking into a​ room full of​ strangers and​ striking up conversations .​
Here are five common stumbling blocks that you may face and​ tips to​ help you overcome them.
You were taught at​ an​ early age not to​ speak to​ people you don't know .​
It's not safe .​
In certain situations today this is​ still good advice .​
In business, however, talking to​ strangers is​ a​ way to​ generate interest and​ support for​ your products and​ services .​
if​ you only talk to​ the​ people you already know, you will miss out on opportunities to​ make new connections and​ establish valuable contacts.
To get past your discomfort in​ talking to​ strangers, set a​ goal for​ yourself before you attend any networking event .​
Decide how many new contacts you want to​ make or​ how many strangers you want to​ meet .​
In some cases, you may specifically target individuals whom you'd like to​ know.
Next come up with some icebreakers or​ conversation starters .​
Have questions prepared that you can ask anyone you meet at​ the​ event .​
You may want to​ inquire about other people's business, their connection to​ the​ sponsoring organization or​ their opinion of​ the​ venue.
It's much easier to​ make a​ new contact when there is​ someone else to​ handle the​ introduction and​ pave the​ way .​
if​ you wait for​ another person to​ make the​ move you may not meet anyone .​
At networking events, the​ goal is​ to​ meet as​ many people as​ possible.
This is​ the​ time to​ take the​ bull by the​ horns, walk up to​ people you don't know, introduce yourself and​ start a​ conversation .​
You can do this if​ you have prepared your self-introduction in​ advance.
You will not introduce yourself the​ same way on every occasion .​
Perhaps it​ is​ your first time to​ attend an​ association meeting .​
In that case, you might want to​ say that as​ part of​ your introduction .​
Let people know who you are, why you are there and​ give them a​ reason to​ ask more abut you.
You may think that you will turn people off if​ you are assertive and​ that if​ they want to​ talk to​ you, they will make the​ first move .​
if​ this is​ your line of​ thinking you will find yourself spending your time alone at​ the​ reception or​ meeting function and​ leaving without a​ single new connection .​
Being open, friendly and​ interested does not turn people off.
You will not come across as​ overly aggressive if​ you seek out the​ approachable people .​
These are the​ ones who are standing alone or​ who are speaking in​ groups of​ three or​ more .​
Two people talking to​ each other are not approachable because they may be having a​ private conversation and​ you would be interrupting.
There is​ always the​ risk that the​ other person is​ not interested in​ you and​ doesn't want to​ meet or​ talk to​ you .​
It happens .​
If that is​ the​ case, don't take it​ personally .​
Nothing ventured is​ nothing gained .​
When you get a​ cold shoulder, smile, move on and​ say to​ yourself, Next?
Approaching someone of​ the​ opposite sex to​ begin a​ conversation may seem more like flirting than networking .​
This is​ more of​ an​ issue for​ women than men .​
Women have an​ equal place in​ the​ work arena and​ need to​ make professional connections the​ same as​ men do .​
Women in​ business can no longer afford to​ hold back when there is​ opportunity at​ hand.
Neither men nor women will have their motives misinterpreted if​ they present themselves professionally in​ their attire and​ if​ they keep the​ conversation focused on business issues or​ topics that are not personal or​ private.
Whatever your stumbling blocks, face them before the​ next networking event and​ devise a​ personal plan for​ getting past them .​
Once you do, you will find yourself connecting with confidence and​ courtesy on every occasion and​ the​ results will be reflected in​ your bottom line.
(c) 2018, Lydia Ramsey .​
All rights in​ all media reserved.

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