Five Reasons To Love Macintosh Computers

Five Reasons to​ Love Macintosh Computers
If you've never owned an​ Apple computer,​ you don't know what you're missing .​
On the​ other hand,​ if​ you regularly use Macintosh computers,​ you understand that once you have a​ Mac,​ you'll never go back .​
An Apple Macintosh - whether it's a​ MacBook,​ a​ Mac Pro,​ or​ an​ iMac - takes personal computing to​ a​ whole new level .​
I​ bought my first iMac in​ 1998,​ have upgraded twice,​ and am still happy as​ a​ proverbial clam .​
Here,​ then are five reasons to​ love the​ Apple Macintosh .​
1 .​
Cool elegance .​
If there's one thing Steve Jobs knows how to​ do,​ it's designing electronics that are ultra-cool yet beautifully elegant .​
Why have a​ cumbersome big box desktop computer when you can have everything you need in​ an​ elegant iMac? Behind that clear,​ bright 16:10 aspect ratio monitor is​ the​ entire computer,​ including a​ DVD drive and a​ 64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo processor .​
There's even a​ webcam built into the​ iMac so you can video chat or​ video conference whenever the​ whim strikes .​
2 .​
Intuitive functionality .​
Even though Windows copied the​ friendly desktop interface from Apple Macintosh,​ they still haven't been able to​ get it​ right .​
Navigating the​ Mac's interface is​ truly intuitive,​ engaging,​ and just downright fun .​
With a​ mobile computing product like the​ MacBook,​ you can take full computing functionality wherever you go .​
And,​ wherever you'll go,​ you'll always be connected,​ since the​ MacBook automatically finds nearby wireless networks and gives you nearly instant online access .​
3 .​
Digital living .​
Macintosh computers are designed to​ embrace the​ digital lifestyle .​
MacBooks and iMacs come with iLife,​ a​ wonderful array of​ applications that let you effortlessly share photo albums,​ record podcasts and songs,​ and even create and edit movies .​
You can even publish your creations on​ the​ Web with a​ single click .​
How cool is​ that?
4 .​
Bug-free .​
If you've been wrestling with Vista the​ past few months (or any other Windows operating system,​ for that matter),​ you don't know the​ meaning of​ freedom .​
Macintosh computers' operating systems are bug-free,​ and as​ for upgrades,​ you get to​ choose when to​ receive software update notifications,​ and always have the​ choice of​ updating now or​ in​ the​ future .​
Mac simply isn't intrusive; you get to​ control technology,​ instead of​ having technology control you.
5 .​
Workhorse .​
Macintosh computers are more than a​ way to​ frolic in​ your spare time .​
They're also workhorses .​
For years,​ graphic artists and publishers have almost exclusively used Macs for work .​
With the​ Mac Pro,​ you can get Adobe Creative Suite 3,​ a​ suite of​ tools specifically designed for creative professionals .​
Whether you're a​ web designer,​ a​ graphic artist,​ an​ art director,​ or​ a​ video professional,​ Adobe Creative Suite 3 will make your work easier,​ better,​ and more fun .​
There are those who say that Macintosh computers are limited in​ that much of​ the​ available software is​ only compatible with PCs .​
My experience is​ that my Mac can do anything a​ PC can do - and do it​ better .​
But for those diehards who insist that they can't live without Windows,​ the​ next version of​ Mac OSX,​ Leopard,​ will allow you to​ install Windows XP on​ the​ Mac .​
Right now,​ you can run Windows in​ emulation mode...although for the​ life of​ me,​ I​ don't understand why you would want to!

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