Five Reasons For Real Estate Investors To Consider Mexico

Five Reasons For Real Estate Investors To Consider Mexico

Five Reasons for​ Real Estate Investors to​ Consider Mexico
Real Estate prices in​ the​ most popular parts of​ Mexico have been on the​ increase of​ late, and​ the​ demand for​ property to​ retire, holiday and​ invest in​ has also been on the​ up – this has created something of​ a​ real estate boom in​ Mexico but for​ those still wondering what the​ fuss is​ all about here are the​ five main reasons why an​ investor should consider Mexican real estate…
1) the​ government of​ Mexico has relaxed the​ rules that once prevented foreign buyers from purchasing on or​ close to​ the​ coast, and​ nowadays with the​ simple use of​ a​ bank trust structure investors can purchase some of​ the​ most beautiful prime beachfront land in​ Mexico .​

This land is​ ripe for​ residential and​ tourism development and​ because the​ demand for​ hotels and​ luxury beach front property is​ at​ its most intense in​ Mexico right now, this means that an​ investor who buys beach front real estate in​ Mexico is​ probably buying themselves one of​ the​ most promising investments possible.
2) the​ Mexican government is​ committed to​ the​ economic improvement of​ their country and​ to​ this end they are doing everything in​ their power to​ attract foreign direct investment particularly into the​ tourism and​ real estate sectors .​
This means that not only is​ investment welcome but there are certain incentives now in​ place that make investing in​ Mexican real estate even more attractive.
3) Mexican real estate is​ incredibly popular with Northern Americans because it​ is​ affordable and​ easily accessible and​ also because Mexico itself is​ a​ low cost country in​ which to​ live .​
the​ large American baby boomer generation is​ nearing retirement and​ as​ they do so a​ surge of​ interest from this generation into the​ property market in​ Mexico is​ expected .​
This means that an​ investor who buys into Mexico now and​ targets this particular group of​ people could profit substantially – especially if​ they consider buying into or​ developing retirement, gated or​ exclusive communities.
4) Over 16,000 foreign companies have recently been attracted to​ Mexico by the​ government’s commitment to​ developing policies to​ make the​ country more attractive for​ overseas companies and​ investors .​
the​ companies who have established trading bases in​ Mexico have also created substantial employment opportunities for​ the​ local people and​ expatriates - as​ a​ result, in​ the​ main Mexican towns and​ cities unemployment is​ down, GDP is​ up and​ local Mexicans and​ expatriate employees of​ the​ international firms are in​ a​ strong financial position and​ are looking to​ rent quality accommodation for​ which a​ premium can be charged .​

Real estate investors who prefer the​ buy to​ let market can buy into the​ residential rental market in​ Mexico at​ a​ far reduced cost when compared to​ similar markets in​ cities or​ towns in​ America or​ Europe for​ example, and​ they can profit successfully from the​ increased purchasing power that is​ now apparent in​ Mexico.
5) the​ tourism market in​ Mexico is​ responsible for​ generating over 8% of​ the​ country’s GDP and​ supplying over 9% of​ the​ country’s jobs already, and​ sustained focus by the​ government of​ Mexico on further developing and​ promoting tourism in​ Mexico means that the​ country is​ growing in​ popularity annually .​
the​ rise in​ the​ numbers of​ visitors to​ Mexico means that there is​ increased demand for​ quality villa and​ apartment accommodation to​ let out and​ a​ growing number of​ overseas investors are now buying up single units, buying into entire developments and​ even purchasing land for​ the​ development of​ properties to​ meet this rise in​ demand .​

Those who are focusing on this market sector are making some of​ the​ greatest returns in​ the​ shortest period of​ time in​ Mexico today - and​ if​ current statistics are anything to​ go by, the​ level of​ overseas interest in​ both property to​ let and​ real estate to​ buy in​ Mexico means that the​ demand for​ investment properties in​ Mexico is​ not abating thus offering real estate investors medium to​ long term potential for​ profit and​ gains.

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