Fitted Bedrooms Replacement Kitchen And Bedroom Doors

Fitted Bedrooms Replacement Kitchen And Bedroom Doors

So, you’re thinking of​ purchasing a​ new fitted bedroom. The possibilities are endless but you don’t know what to​ do or​ where to​ go. You really need to​ know your options and how much will it​ cost etc. Hopefully this article written by an​ ex bedroom fitter will help you through this decision.

Everything really depends on your budget. Basically there are two forms of​ bedroom installation, these are free standing / kit furniture and fully fitted.

Freestanding & Kit form bedroom furniture is​ usually made up of​ various components that makeup a​ box with matching doors and accessories. This is​ usually fastened to​ your wall for support. This form of​ furniture is​ relatively cheap and can be purchased from companies such as​ Ikea, MFI and others. Most companies now days offer rather interesting designs. Sometimes these purchases prove an​ easier option with headaches and cost. However you’ll need to​ be rather handy with a​ tool kit in​ order to​ assemble it​ if​ it’s supplied in​ kit form. This type of​ furniture is​ usually manufactured in​ severe volume and quality tends to​ be average with a​ short life span on product wear.

A fully fitted bedroom falls into a​ different category completely. a​ fully fitted wardrobe is​ a​ product which is​ purposefully built for your bedroom and installed to​ suit your walls and ceiling. in​ a​ nutshell you’ll either have to​ rip the old one or​ replace the existing doors and accessories using a​ replacement kitchen and bedroom door company. Thus providing your bedroom with a​ complete facelift. This option is​ usually the cheapest and should costs around £500 - £1000 dependant on which products you choose and quantity.

Beware as​ ripping out a​ fully fitted bedroom (especially old Victorian timber wardrobes) can leave a​ terrible mess and lots of​ holes. Only trained fitters should attempt this. Otherwise your costs will spiral more than you think. Holes in​ walls equal’s plasterers and builders and these guys aren’t cheap and take time to​ convince to​ do your job as​ they are usually very busy on large jobs.

Cost wise a​ new fitted bedroom starts at​ around £1500 for a​ budget priced wardrobe. This will increase dependant on the finish and material you choose. Solid timber remains the most expensive, whereas melamine faced chipboard and vinyl wrapped doors tend to​ be the norm for most fitted bedroom companies. Costs increase greatly if​ French polish or​ solid timber finishes are chosen. Polished furniture products and timber products cost more due to​ the expense of​ purchasing raw timber and the length of​ time it​ takes to​ manufacture. It’s like comparing a​ new mini to​ a​ Bentley. Melamine faced chipboard and vinyl wrapped kitchen and bedroom doors seem the most popular products used in​ the UK.

Now you need to​ know what construction suits you. The makeup of​ a​ fitted bedroom is​ usually very similar whoever you purchase this from. Usually it’s either a​ front frame face fixed system or​ a​ box system / slim frame system. a​ front frame face fixed system is​ always fastened from the floor to​ the ceiling unless specified. a​ fitter will assemble a​ frame which is​ fastened and scribed to​ suit your usually bumpy walls and ceiling. Basically battens are fastened to​ the back wall and floor to​ take the weight of​ the top shelf and floor. Fascias and end panels are then cut and scribed and fixed to​ your frame. Finally doors are fitted using fittings such as​ Blum hinges. Be warned as​ you’ll need to​ ask for backs as​ you usually don’t get them with this method. Sharps bedrooms have used this system for many years to​ much success. It’s a​ slightly time consuming process as​ a​ fitter has to​ tailor the wardrobe specifically to​ your bedroom. These fitters are usually very highly trained.

A box system and slim frame system usually consists of​ a​ group of​ boxes pre made in​ the workshop and delivered to​ site for assembly. The fitters usually level these boxes onto a​ ready made plinth. All boxes are then screwed together quickly with side gaps being filled with scribed in-fill pieces to​ cover any gaps. This is​ a​ popular method due to​ the fact that most items have been assembled in​ the workshop. This assembly method varies from company to​ company. This is​ usually the fastest method of​ installation.

If you decide to​ have a​ home visit from a​ bedroom company then make sure you ask the right questions of​ the furniture designer. Ask if​ its possible to​ visit a​ recent installation as​ this would provide you with an​ idea of​ their quality, ask how long the installation will take as​ sometimes jobs go on forever, ask if​ you can visit their workshop – don’t just go off their showroom as​ showrooms are always made to​ impress, ask how many jobs they install a​ week as​ you really want to​ deal with somebody that’s specializes in​ fitted bedrooms. Ask what system they use and whether it​ has backs in. Be prepared!

Usually a​ reputable company will answer these questions without hesitation. When you make the appointment ask how long the sales person will be in​ your house. if​ it’s going to​ be a​ hard sell then they’ll prompt that the husband and the wife must both be present on the night. This should ring alarms bells as​ this methods shows that this visit will result in​ a​ real hard sell and they want you to​ sign on the night. Most reputable fitted bedroom companies prefer to​ sell on the night but don’t usually use hard tactics. Most will give you ample time to​ decide. Tradesmen don’t like to​ give too much sales patter and usually prefer to​ get on with the job at​ hand.

Ask if​ they use sub contractors for their installations. if​ they do be very wary. Most good companies employ their own fitters. These fitters are usually known as​ subbies. It’s sad to​ say that a​ fair majority of​ subbies have no training or​ experience and usually bumble through a​ job leaving terrible problem behind. if​ you’ve paid a​ subbie upfront then you’ll usually struggle to​ get them back to​ sort out problems that may have arisen.

Usually a​ reputable company will ask for a​ small deposit and settlement on completion based upon the installation team satisfying your needs.

This article has been written by Basically doors that operate a​ replacement kitchen and bedroom door company based in​ the UK. We supply vinyl wrapped doors and components for the fitted furniture industry.

We hope this article helps you on your way to​ a​ great bedroom.

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