Finding Your Ecommerce Cranny On The Web

Finding Your Ecommerce Cranny On The Web

Online or​ off, a​ time tested method of​ succeeding in​ business is​ to​ focus on an​ unexploited area. You are probably wondering how. Here is​ your answer.

Finding Your Ecommerce Cranny

When we talk about a​ nook, we are simply identified a​ very focused area of​ business. There are a​ zillion sites selling movies, but very few selling French movies from the​ 1960s. if​ there is​ sufficient interest in​ such movies, you could build a​ business around selling such classic movies. This concept applies to​ any business area regardless of​ whether you are selling products or​ offering services.

You need to​ do some daydreaming. Most people make the​ mistake of​ focusing on a​ subject that they think will make a​ ton of​ money. Problems can occur with this approach because if​ you have no inherent interest in​ the​ area besides money, you will eventually grow disillusioned with it. if​ you are going to​ start a​ business, you want it​ be enjoyable. if​ it​ is​ just another job, you have made a​ bad mistake. This brings us back to​ daydreaming.

You need to​ give serious thought to​ your interests, and​ not just your interests today. What have you always been interested in? Don’t worry about how you will make money, just focus on the​ subject matter. Remember the​ cliché – find something you love and​ the​ money will follow. This is​ exactly what you want to​ do. Once you have an​ idea, it​ is​ time to​ figure out how to​ make money off of​ it.

For a​ web business, you want to​ focus on something known as​ keyword research. Keyword research is​ crucial because you can type in​ a​ phrase and​ see the​ exact phrases people have used to​ search on Google, Yahoo and​ MSN that incorporate the​ world. Even better, you can see how many people use the​ phrase each day. Doing keyword research lets you determine if​ there is​ enough interest in​ your area and​ the​ exact phrases your prospects are using to​ find things in​ the​ area. it​ doesn’t get much better than that!

There are a​ variety of​ tools you can use. Overture offers a​ free tool that will give you a​ general idea, but is​ not the​ most accurate. Wordtracker is​ much better, but will set you back a​ few bucks. Keyword Discovery is​ similar, but runs a​ few more dollars yet. Regardless of​ your choice, make sure to​ use one of​ these for​ keyword research.

Once you identify the​ phrases used by your prospects, you can determine if​ there is​ enough interest in​ your nook. You can also identify the​ exact phrases they are using and​ tailor your site and​ marketing to​ those phrases.

Finding Your Ecommerce Cranny On The Web

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