Finding A Writer For Your Niche Ebook

Finding a​ Writer for Your Niche Ebook
Internet niche marketing campaigns can often be handled by one person with one small exception .​
Unless the person orchestrating the campaign is​ a​ particularly gifted writer, the creation of​ content relevant to​ the niche should be handled by a​ professional writer .​
The required content may include concise content for e-newsletters and websites or​ more in​ depth content for full length ebooks .​
Ebooks are the electronic version of​ books .​
They are distributed in​ electronic formats and made available to​ readers via email or​ the Internet .​
This article will focus primarily on ebooks and will discuss the subjects of​ outsourcing an​ ebook and finding the best writer for the job .​
Outsourcing Your Ebook
Those who are involved with promoting an​ Internet niche campaign are likely very passionate about their niche subject but their passion alone does not qualify them to​ write an​ ebook on the subject .​
They should be heavily involved in​ the creation of​ the outline for the ebook and they should have final editing rights on the ebook but a​ professional writer should be the one responsible for writing the initial draft of​ the ebook .​
They may also me responsible for making revision based on the comments by the marketer and his staff .​
For this reason, many Internet marketers are outsourcing the writing of​ their ebooks .​
This is​ a​ wise decision because keeping a​ writer on staff exclusively for the purpose of​ writing ebooks can be quite costly if​ there is​ not a​ constant need for ebooks .​
However, outsourcing the work to​ independent contractors can be a​ much more affordable option .​
In this scenario, the marketer can negotiate the writing of​ each ebook individually or​ they can enlist and individual or​ consulting firm to​ complete a​ set number of​ ebooks .​
Finding the Right Person for the Job
Once you have made the wise decision to​ outsource your ebook, it​ is​ time to​ begin the process of​ finding the perfect writer to​ complete the ebook .​
There may be a​ number of​ factors you consider in​ choosing a​ writer .​
Some of​ these factors may include price, previous experience and quality of​ provided writing samples .​
Prioritizing these factors is​ the first step in​ the process because it​ will be very helpful in​ the decision making process .​
For example if​ cost is​ the highest priority followed by quality of​ writing samples and then experience in​ the niche you might be tempted to​ hire a​ writer who is​ slightly less adept but willing to​ work for a​ lower fee .​
The search for the talented writer to​ assist you can begin either locally or​ globally .​
You can conduct a​ local search by placing an​ advertisement in​ local newspapers or​ trade magazines .​
a​ global search can begin on the Internet where there are many websites available for those who wish to​ outsource work .​
In either scenario your advertisement should suggest relevant information you would like applicants to​ provide .​
Whether you decide to​ conduct your search locally or​ globally you will likely receive multiple responses to​ your advertisement .​
Begin evaluating these responses by eliminating those that are of​ poor quality .​
This is​ important whether or​ not quality of​ work is​ your top priority because poor work is​ not worth even the most affordable price .​
Next evaluate the remaining applicants according to​ your prioritized list of​ criteria and rank them accordingly .​
Now consider contacting the top three applicants for an​ interview .​
The interview can be conducted in​ person, via telephone or​ online .​
This step is​ important because it​ will give you a​ good idea of​ whether or​ not you think the applicant will be able to​ meet your expectations .​
During this time you should also discuss scheduling to​ determine whether or​ not the applicant is​ available to​ complete the project according to​ your time line.
After this interview process, it​ is​ time to​ make a​ decision .​
Just because it​ is​ time to​ make a​ decision does not mean you have to​ outsource your project to​ one of​ the applicants you interviewed .​
Your decision may be to​ hire one of​ the applicants, interview a​ few of​ the applicants who were lower on your list or​ repost your advertisement and solicit new applications .​

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