Finding A Web Host To Fit Your Needs

Finding A Web Host To Fit Your Needs

Deciding which web hosting service is​ right for​ your web site is​ similar to​ choosing the​ right car for​ your family. Just like a​ lemon auto choice can complicate your life and​ cost you more in​ the​ long run, a​ lousy web host can affect your online business on many different levels, potentially costing you time and​ money.

Of course, no one purposefully chooses a​ poor web host any more than one knowingly makes a​ decision to​ become the​ owner of​ a​ problem car. Research is​ key when deciding which web hosts are the​ best and​ most cost effective. Below is​ some information about three popular web hosts to​ help you determine what type of​ service best fits your needs.

With simple and​ hassle-free hosting, GoDaddy offers both economy and​ premium packages. Their $8.95 domains are some of​ the​ best prices one can find in​ the​ industry. Adding hosting to​ this domain drops the​ price to​ $1.95. it​ may be hard to​ find another good company who offers these prices.

Simplicity and​ user-friendliness are primary characteristics of​ GoDaddy’s services. From hassle-free control panels to​ straightforward hosting and​ domain management, you could obtain a​ Linux server with a​ new domain and​ have it​ up and​ running in​ less than 30 minutes. and​ if​ you have any problems or​ questions, satisfactory customer service is​ another benefit of​ using GoDaddy.

The only drawbacks to​ GoDaddy are its smaller size and​ potential security issues due to​ the​ shared servers, which can sometimes be problematic for​ larger traffic volume sites and​ sites utilizing cash transactions. and​ while the​ amount of​ space GoDaddy offers may not be as​ large as​ some, it​ is​ still enough to​ satisfy the​ needs of​ most online sites.

GoDaddy may work best for​ blogging websites, simple squeeze and​ landing pages, simple forums, and​ personal home pages, as​ well as​ other smaller-scale sites not requiring high security.


Offering some of​ the​ largest packages at​ the​ lowest prices, ixWebHosting is​ a​ very competitive service to​ consider. While its economy package looks a​ lot like GoDaddy’s, the​ ixWebHosting premium package at​ $12.95 per month brags features such as​ unlimited space and​ 3 TERA-BYTES—meaning 3000 BGs or​ 3 TRILLION bytes—of bandwidth.

Additionally, this premium package provides unlimited e-mails and​ SQL databases and​ five free domains all tied into this $12.95 price. There is​ so much offered in​ the​ package that some may question why a​ web site would even need all of​ these features and​ benefits. the​ reality is​ that most owners will not need all of​ this, but even if​ you need some of​ it, the​ price is​ nice.

Like GoDaddy, security is​ a​ concern for​ ixWebHosting services. However, the​ control panel is​ not as​ good as​ GoDaddy’s.

IxWebHosting’s premium service is​ a​ great option for​ the​ site owner who needs significant bandwidth and​ disk space or​ anticipates high traffic volume or​ downloading from the​ site.


If security and​ customer service are at​ the​ top on your list of​ needs from your web host, TVCNet may be one your best options. While the​ disk space and​ bandwidth may not be as​ impressive as​ some of​ the​ other web hosting choices, you will likely find you do not actually need all of​ the​ massive space offered by other providers. Instead of​ excessive and, often times, unnecessary space, TVCNet focuses in​ on top-notch secure and​ reliable hosting.

Not only will your questions be answered promptly by the​ TVCNet staff, but it​ is​ also possible to​ achieve a​ 100% hacker-safe site through using their web hosting service. This is​ an​ excellent choice for​ anyone who has or​ expects to​ build a​ small to​ medium sized site with full technical support and​ hacker-proof security.

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