Finding The Right Sports Wheelchair

Finding The Right Sports Wheelchair

If you’re in​ the​ market for​ a​ sports wheelchair, you know there are a​ variety of​ considerations to​ be made with any wheelchair purchase.

Sports wheelchair purchases aren’t that different from other wheelchair purchases. You need to​ make sure the​ wheelchair will suit your needs, your size and​ your lifestyle.

Here are some purchase considerations:

*What size wheelchair do you need? if​ you are very tall or​ very short, that will factor into your sports wheelchair buying decision. if​ you are heavy, you’ll need a​ heavier-duty chair than someone who is​ smaller and​ lighter.

*How much do you want to​ spend? Sports wheelchairs are not cheap, and​ can cost anywhere from about $1,000 to​ $10,000 depending on a​ variety of​ factors. Be sure you know what your needs are and​ how heavily you’ll use the​ chair before making this relatively large investment.

*What’s your sport? Sports wheelchairs are generally designed for​ a​ specific sport. if​ you play basketball, you’ll want a​ sports wheelchair for​ that sport. Those who like to​ race buy handbike wheelchairs. It’s all in​ your need and​ how to​ feed that need.

Now, once you have your needs figured out, how do you purchase? There are several options. When purchasing a​ wheelchair, if​ you can try it​ out, that’s better than buying sight unseen. Try to​ head to​ a​ few local wheelchair stores and​ try one out. There might be a​ brand or​ style you find more or​ less comfortable.

Buying locally might be more convenient for​ you and​ certainly faster, since you can bring home your wheelchair sooner rather than later, but buying online has one decided advantage: price. There are several online wheelchair stores that will sell you a​ good sports wheelchair at​ a​ deeply discounted rate. if​ you know what you want in​ a​ wheelchair (and have perhaps already done a​ quick trial in​ a​ local store), this doesn’t have to​ be a​ scary, unknown purchase; simply search for​ the​ brand and​ model you have already seen in​ person.

If you do choose to​ shop online for​ your new wheelchair, be sure to​ keep in​ mind that shipping can add quite a​ lot to​ the​ cost. Search for​ an​ online site that will give you free shipping – many offer this regularly, while others have special promotions. This can save you up to​ more than $100.

Thinking of​ buying used? This is​ certainly an​ option. There are many wheelchair sports leagues and​ through them, you could purchase a​ good quality used chair at​ a​ fraction of​ the​ retail price. This is​ an​ excellent way to​ try out a​ sport without too much investment. Also check locally to​ see if​ you can find a​ used chair through any mobility impaired groups. Check your local Craigslist and​ classified ads as​ well.

Is purchasing a​ used chair a​ good idea? Certainly, if​ you avoid certain pitfalls. First, know the​ retail value of​ a​ new, similar chair. Don’t overpay for​ a​ used chair. Check the​ condition of​ the​ chair carefully (in other words, don’t purchase sight unseen). if​ it​ has a​ lot of​ wear and​ obvious use, be sure the​ price is​ in​ line with the​ chair’s condition. Finally, make sure the​ chair you are buying is​ appropriate for​ your sport. if​ you’re new to​ sports wheelchairs, you don’t want to​ make an​ inexact purchase that will end up being a​ waste of​ space or​ money.

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