Finding The Right Laptop Computer Backpack

Finding the​ Right Laptop Computer Backpack
Those of​ us who are especially lucky after the​ Christmas gift giving might find ourselves with a​ pretty nice Laptop Computer .​
What a​ great gift,​ you'll find that you'll never leave home with out it .​
But after a​ few days the​ excitement might wear off when you realize it's kind of​ annoying taking it​ around and worrying about dripping it​ etc .​
The solution is​ pretty simple .​
Invest in​ a​ Laptop Computer Backpack .​
It is​ a​ simple investment; after all,​ it's just a​ backpack .​
But,​ it​ makes having a​ laptop so much nicer .​
You can take it​ with you everywhere you go and have everything you need with it​ to​ .​
The only dilemma is​ what laptop computer backpack is​ right for you? Well,​ I​ present the​ 5 main considerations when picking the​ computer bag that is​ right for you.
1) Find a​ backpack that fits your bag snugly .​
You don't need to​ see it​ to​ make sure it​ works,​ but you definitely don't want to​ have your 12 inch laptop in​ a​ backpack that is​ designed for a​ 17 inch backpack .​
Most bags and backpacks designed for laptop computers will have some kind of​ foam or​ outer protection for the​ laptop .​
Both of​ these will keep your computer from bouncing around.
2) Make sure that the​ style of​ the​ bag fits your lifestyle .​
My first bag for my laptop was a​ leather briefcase .​
I​ made sure that I​ got a​ nice one and it​ did the​ job pretty well .​
But I​ found that if​ I​ had to​ walk a​ distance with my briefcase that it​ was kind of​ annoying and made me walk weird with all of​ that weight on​ one side .​
But,​ I​ just recently got my pick from a​ list of​ laptop computer backpacks and I​ love it .​
No more walking weird,​ I​ don't not want to​ bring my laptop anywhere .​
It is​ actually really comfortable .​
It is​ want I​ want .​
Make sure that you backpack fits your lifestyle .​
If you ride your bike to​ work,​ a​ bag without shoulder-straps would obviously have limitations .​
If you are a​ businessman and want to​ always look professional,​ maybe my briefcase would be a​ better choice .​
Just make sure that it​ works for you.
3) Find a​ look that is​ right for you .​
Many business women,​ for example,​ don't want to​ be seen carrying a​ big briefcase that looks like it​ was built for men .​
They would probably prefer looking for women's laptop cases .​
You would actually be pretty surprised at​ how nice some of​ these bags look .​
a​ far cry from the​ standard black laptop computer briefcase.
4) Find a​ good price .​
Shop around and make sure that you're getting what you want,​ for the​ price you want .​
Obviously nice backpacks,​ bags,​ or​ briefcases are going to​ be nicer and more expensive .​
But you shouldn't be spending hundreds of​ dollars for the​ laptop computer backpack that you want.
5) Find a​ good brand .​
a​ lot of​ the​ trendy women's laptop cases aren't going to​ be offered by the​ big brands .​
But,​ you can usually trust those .​
But for your standard laptop computer backpacks,​ stick with the​ brands that you've heard of​ (such as​ Targus,​ or​ Ogio) .​
They have a​ good name for a​ reason .​
Or do your research and make sure you know what you're getting.
Laptop Computer Backpacks can be a​ cheap,​ but great investment .​
It will change the​ relationship that you have with your laptop computer.

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