Finding The Right 27 Lcd Tv

Finding The Right 27 Lcd Tv

A 27” LCD TV provides a​ much better picture than the​ old CRT televisions – and​ they come in​ much more attractive styles. in​ many homes an​ LCD TV has become an​ integral feature in​ the​ entertainment room’s decorating scheme. They’re versatile, too. a​ flat screen 27” LCD TV can be mounted on a​ wall, under a​ cabinet, on the​ ceiling, or​ it​ can sit on a​ stand or​ on top of​ furniture. a​ 27” LCD TV comes in​ a​ size that is​ big enough to​ comfortably watch from a​ reasonable distance, but it’s also small enough to​ fit in​ even the​ smallest viewing rooms.

The 27” LCD market is​ also highly competitive – almost every television manufacturer makes at​ least one 27” model. Choosing the​ right model for​ your needs can be time-consuming; to​ get you started, take these steps as​ you search for​ the​ right TV for​ you.

First consider your room’s décor, and​ think about how you’ll sit relative to​ the​ TV. Because a​ 27” LCD TV has significantly higher resolution than a​ conventional TV, you’ll be able to​ sit closer than you normally would and​ view a​ larger screen much more comfortably. the​ optimum viewing distance for​ a​ 27” LCD TV is​ approximately 6 feet, so plan your furniture arrangement accordingly.

Then make a​ decision about whether you want or​ need HDTV. a​ 27” LCD TV with EDTV is​ less expensive to​ purchase but it​ won’t display high-definition signals. the​ price difference between a​ smaller HD-ready 27” LCD TV and​ an​ ED-ready 27” LCD TV is​ relatively small, so you're better off buying an​ HD-ready set. Many experts indicate there's little reason to​ buy a​ non-HD 27” LCD TV. a​ lower resolution LCD TV won't be able to​ accept high-definition signals, so the​ picture won't look any better than regular analog TV. in​ the​ next few years more and​ more TV signals will be in​ HD; since your 27” LCD TV should last for​ more than fifteen years, make sure it​ will grow with the​ technology.

Now try to​ purchase a​ set with an​ HDMI input. This port keeps the​ signal all-digital, avoiding degradation that can occur as​ the​ signal passes through other components (like your cable box). HMDI carries high-definition audio as​ well as​ video. Some satellite receivers and​ DVD players also connect through this port.

Narrow your choice of​ 27” LCD TV down further by determining if​ you want or​ need picture-in-picture functionality. Picture-in-picture allows you to​ view two video sources at​ once, with one appearing as​ a​ small window on the​ screen. if​ you do want picture-in-picture capability on your 27” LCD TV, remember that single-tuner picture-in-picture lets you watch television in​ one window and​ another source (like a​ DVD) in​ the​ second window. a​ 27” LCD TV with two tuners lets you watch two television sources at​ once. It’s a​ cool feature and​ once you have it​ you’ll find you don’t want to​ do without it, especially if​ you’re a​ sports or​ news junkie.

You’re almost done, but now you’ll want to​ check to​ see if​ the​ different models of​ 27” LCD TV you’re still considering are sold with a​ stand or​ mounting hardware included. Most 27” LCD TVs will come with a​ table stand wall mounting hardware costs an​ additional $100 to​ $200. if​ you do purchase a​ stand or​ mounting hardware separately, make sure it’s appropriate for​ the​ size and​ weight of​ your TV. the​ average 27” LCD TV is​ pretty heavy, so it​ pays to​ make sure your stand or​ hardware will safely support it.

Last, but certainly not least, inspect the​ manufacturer's return and​ warranty policy before buying online. Some manufacturers have strict policies regarding authorized dealers. if​ you buy a​ 27” LCD TV from an​ unauthorized dealer, the​ manufacturer may not offer warranty coverage. the​ retailer may offer a​ substitute warranty that sufficiently covers you – the​ only way to​ know for​ sure is​ to​ ask.

The price difference for​ a​ 27” LCD TV from an​ authorized dealer and​ from a​ discounter can be hundreds of​ dollars – and​ sometimes that’s the​ sole reason for​ the​ price difference - so make sure you’re comfortable with the​ risk of​ not having a​ warranty, or​ make sure you ask the​ discounter for​ information about warranty terms for​ the​ 27” LCD TV you’ve narrowed your choice down to.

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