Finding A Properly Qualified Insurance Professional

Finding A Properly Qualified Insurance Professional

Finding a​ Properly Qualified Insurance Professional
When you're sick,​ you​ go to​ a​ medical doctor .​
When you​ need to​ organize your finances,​ you​ go to​ a​ CPA .​
When you​ need someone to​ help you​ understand and purchase auto or​ homeowners' insurance,​ you​ should go to​ a​ Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter,​ or​ CPCU.
Just as​ these other professionals work with you​ as​ partners,​ so too is​ a​ CPCU your professional insurance partner .​
CPCU is​ recognized as​ the​ premier professional designation of​ the​ property and casualty insurance industry .​
When you​ choose a​ CPCU,​ you​ can be sure that you​ are working with someone who has significant experience and can offer you​ guidance on​ all of​ your insurance decisions .​
a​ CPCU must also agree to​ an​ enforceable code of​ ethics and pledge to​ put your interests above his or​ her own.
Simply put,​ CPCUs are dedicated to​ helping consumers make better insurance decisions-and they're highly qualified to​ do so .​
To earn the​ credential,​ CPCUs must pass undergraduate- and graduate-level courses covering such diverse subjects as​ insurance law,​ ethics,​ accounting and management .​
These demanding standards ensure that when you​ choose a​ CPCU for your insurance needs,​ you​ are choosing someone who not only has your best interests in​ mind,​ but has the​ background and knowledge to​ prove it.
Many CPCUs are also members of​ the​ CPCU Society,​ a​ professional association that provides CPCU members with opportunities for continuing education and professional development .​
These opportunities ensure that CPCUs stay on​ top of​ the​ latest issues in​ the​ industry and can pass that knowledge on​ to​ their customers .​
The CPCU Society was founded in​ 1944 with a​ mission to​ meet the​ career development needs of​ a​ diverse group of​ professionals who have earned the​ CPCU designation,​ so that they may serve others in​ a​ competent and ethical manner .​
There are 26,​000 CPCU Society members around the​ world that help others make sound insurance decisions.

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