Finding Free Podcast Videos

Finding Free Podcast Videos
Anyone can easily find free podcast videos online.
There are numerous podcast directories online that can
help you find feeds to​ subscribe to, or​ you may find a
feed thats available from a​ site you enjoy .​
After looking
through the​ directories and​ finding a​ feed you want to
download, subscribe to​ it​ using one of​ the​ many free
podcast clients available .​
The podcast client will
automaticall download a​ small file called an​ RSS file,
which stands for​ Really Simple Syndication .​
file tells your podcast client when there is​ a​ new file, in
this case a​ video, to​ download .​
Depending on your
client, the​ program will notify you or​ maybe even
download it​ automatically .​
Once the​ file is​ on your
computer, you'll be free to​ listen to​ it​ any time it​ is
Soon you'll be on your way to​ downloading some of​ the
free podcast videos available online .​
Feeds are available
that publish on almost every topic, from independent
news shows to​ experimental videos, to​ scientific
information .​
Some colleges and​ universities even
podcast their most popular lectures so that students will
have a​ chance to​ watch and​ review from the​ comfort of
their computer chair.
The best part is​ that these free podcast videos, are of
course, free .​
All of​ these feeds are easy to​ find, and​ the
publishers, for​ the​ most part, do it​ simply because they
enjoy it, and​ are glad to​ give it​ away .​


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