Finding Fossil Information On The Web

Finding Fossil Information On The Web

Fossil information sites are abundant on the​ web. But not all sites are created equal. Some sites are scholarly and​ may be over-the-head of​ the​ first-time or​ casual fossil collector. at​ the​ other end of​ the​ spectrum are sites that are a​ collection of​ links with no real information. Their sole purpose is​ making money from their google ads. There are plenty of​ sites in​ between that offer every form of​ fossil information you can imagine and​ for​ every audience.

Focused Sites
The scholarly sites often delve deeply into one fossil information topic. Dr. Sam Gon III’s site- shares just about anything you would want to​ learn about trilobites. His site is​ easy to​ navigate because it​ links logical topics, but also because it​ has a​ long list of​ the​ topics covered on the​ home page. Elasmo- covers sharks: fossil sharks, modern sharks, classification and​ disputed classification. This site is​ usable by the​ novice, but has enough depth to​ bring you back over and​ over again.

General Sites
Sites like UCMP- approach the​ fossil information topic from a​ broad perspective. They have a​ huge amount of​ information on fossils. They include fossil-related topics like geologic time and​ classification (phylogeny) of​ both fossil and​ modern species. Fossils-facts-and-finds’- target audience is​ teachers and​ pre-college students. the​ topics covered relate to​ both fossils and​ geologic time, but additionally include tips and​ lesson plans for​ sharing the​ information with students, and​ there are projects that students can do on their own.

Especially for​ Kids
Since fossil information is​ often needed by young students, there are sites feared toward short, quality information about specific species. Enchanted Learning- gives a​ little information about LOTS of​ topics…not just fossils and​ dinosaurs. Their approach gives good starter information.

No Help Here
Watch out for​ “links-only” sites. These sites contain long lists of​ linked sites that MAY contain pertinent fossil information, but you can waste huge amounts of​ time following these links and​ never really find what you are looking for. (Of course, that’s what these sites WANT you to​ do, because for​ every click, they make money!)

Fossil Directories
Good niche directory sites, on the​ other hand, can be of​ great help. Bob’s Rock Shop- is​ a​ good directory of​ fossil information sites because Bob has looked at​ the​ sites and​ puts a​ short note about the​ information you can find at​ each linked site.

Read the​ descriptions! With a​ little scrutiny, you’ll save yourself time, avoid the​ “no information” link sites, and​ get on to​ the​ business of​ getting REAL fossil information!

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