Finding An Ethical SEO Consultant

Search engine optimization,​ popularly known as​ SEO,​ is​ a​ technique that optimizes a​ website in​ order to​ make it​ very search-engine-friendly. SEO can be performed at​ the​ programming as​ well as​ at​ the​ content end – the​ programming aspect of​ SEO tunes the​ website to​ the​ requirements of​ the​ latest search engines algorithms,​ while the​ content aspect of​ SEO involves strategically embedding sought-after keywords in​ the​ website content. There are other methods as​ well – e.g.,​ link building,​ article submission and directory submission.

If you​ want your website to​ register its presence in​ the​ competitive world of​ Internet,​ you've got to​ resort to​ SEO techniques. Otherwise,​ a​ website fails to​ get noticed amongst millions of​ them. But the​ bad news is​ that there are many unethical outfits out there who promise you​ great SEO,​ but all they do to​ get your website a​ high page rank on​ the​ results page is​ employ a​ variety of​ unethical techniques (the so called black-hat techniques) to​ fool the​ search engines. if​ caught by search engines,​ your website can be blacklisted and banned for adopting unethical SEO techniques. it​ is,​ therefore,​ absolutely important that a​ website owner works along with an​ ethical SEO consultant,​ and here's how you​ must choose one.

Guide to​ Choosing an​ Ethical SEO Consultant

The Internet has made the​ world a​ smaller place and a​ website owner can work with SEO consultants based in​ any part of​ the​ world – there are many SEO consultants' websites all over the​ Internet,​ and tracking down one is​ not all that difficult a​ task. And here's how you​ must choose one:

1. if​ the​ SEO consultant is​ a​ professional,​ then he must be accredited by many reputed organizations such as​ Google AdWords,​ Web CEO University,​ and SEO Pros. if​ the​ SEO consultant has more accreditations,​ well,​ the​ more the​ merrier. a​ certified SEO professional is​ ethical by default – ethics are inbuilt into their work code.

2. He must have an​ impressive roster of​ clients who speak highly of​ him. And he must not be hesitant to​ give out a​ few references.

3. if​ the​ SEO consultant is​ professional and ethical then it​ automatically follows he will have a​ successful track record. So,​ go ahead and check the​ websites he has performed SEO on,​ and check if​ they rank high on​ search engines results pages.

4. the​ SEO consultant needs to​ be versatile and he must offer services such as​ website analysis,​ content writing,​ keyword research,​ link building,​ SEO and,​ of​ course,​ adequate reporting back to​ the​ client.

5. the​ SEO consultant must have a​ clean track record,​ in​ the​ sense that he must never have been blacklisted for adopting unethical SEO techniques. Such techniques include spamming search engines,​ trading links with websites that are part of​ link farms,​ or​ cloaking,​ which means coating keywords with the​ same color as​ the​ website's background and stuffing a​ whole lot of​ them on​ all the​ pages. you​ can find out if​ the​ SEO consultant has resorted to​ dubious means by running a​ check on​ him on​ search engines and on​ message boards. Plus,​ you​ can always check with his references too.

That was a​ small guide on​ how to​ go about selecting an​ ethical SEO consultant. True,​ finding an​ ethical SEO consultant will take a​ little bit of​ time and effort,​ but it​ is​ well worth it. Because an​ unethical SEO consultant can kill a​ website,​ while an​ ethical consultant can help you​ build your fortune.

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