Finding The Best Web Hosting Company

Finding The Best Web Hosting Company

What is​ the​ best invention this century? of​ course it​ is​ the​ super information highway – the​ Internet. What an​ amazing piece of​ technology, it​ connects people from around the​ world and​ allows people to​ learn and​ communicate. it​ is​ basically the​ biggest multimedia library in​ the​ world and​ it​ is​ free! What more could you want? if​ you like communicating then the​ internet was made for​ you. the​ internet is​ a​ world wide phenomenon that has been in​ the​ headlines since it​ first began. There has been lots of​ stuff written about the​ good and​ the​ bad aspects of​ the​ net but everything in​ life has a​ paradox so it​ is​ hardly surprising.

One of​ the​ best parts of​ the​ internet is​ that it​ is​ so easy to​ have your own space where you can share with the​ world your own likes dislikes etc. Maybe you are good at​ something and​ would like to​ share you talent with the​ rest of​ the​ world. Then the​ internet is​ ideal for​ sharing this. All you need is​ a​ bit of​ web hosting space and​ you are off. You don’t even need any website or​ designing skills; you can use Microsoft Word or​ any publishing software and​ create you website like any other document. as​ long as​ you can use a​ computer and​ am willing to​ learn a​ little it​ really is​ easy.

People do seem to​ get confused when it​ comes to​ domain names and​ web hosting. So what are they? Well to​ have a​ website on the​ internet the​ first thing you need to​ buy is​ your domain name, this is​ the​ www. part. Then you need “web hosting” which is​ paying for​ a​ company to​ store you website on their server. a​ server is​ a​ computer that is​ on all the​ time that “hosts” your website, in​ other words stores the​ website. You can make your own computer become a​ server but then for​ people to​ view your website at​ all times this needs to​ be on all the​ time, which is​ why most people use a​ hosting company. You pay them to​ make sure the​ site is​ online at​ all times.

Not sure which web hosting company should you go for? There are hundreds and​ all trying to​ get your business. You need to​ work out which company is​ offering the​ most and​ at​ what price. Not all companies offer telephone support. This is​ a​ must for​ any novice and​ is​ most important, you want to​ be able to​ pick up the​ phone and​ ask for​ help when needed. You want the​ option to​ upgrade your storage space. You may only want a​ small site initially but if​ your site does well and​ you need more space you want to​ easily upgrade. You may also need extra bandwidth when your site gets more hits.

You may want even more, like a​ content management system which allows you to​ simple add, edit and​ delete your own content without any knowledge of​ html, php or​ any programming language. All you see is​ a​ nice user friendly interface with simple usability. at​ a​ fee some companies offer this software and​ it​ is​ a​ great and​ fast way of​ adding content to​ your website.

Maybe you want to​ sell products over the​ internet which will mean you will need an​ ecommerce website with a​ shopping trolley feature. This is​ all very good if​ you have the​ programming skills necessary to​ create this, but few of​ us do in​ reality. So to​ have this feature we need to​ pay for​ this. Some web design companies offer this although the​ price can vary.

So what happens once you have your eCommerce website with shopping trolley facilities and​ you have the​ hosting you seem all set but your getting few visitors. You may be wondering why no one is​ actually viewing your site. Well this is​ because of​ the​ vast amount of​ websites and​ competition out there. Site engine optimsation is​ a​ full time job in​ its self, I know I do it! You can pay a​ company or​ someone to​ do all the​ hard work for​ you but it​ takes times and​ the​ results may not be instant.

Finding a​ hosting company that offers all these things is​ a​ tough task. There are some though. a​ company that offers domain registration, web hosting, web design, optimization, 24/7 customer support and​ email is​ the​ ideal company.

Finding The Best Web Hosting Company

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