Find Your Niche The Internet Marketer S Goldmine

Find Your Niche The Internet Marketer S Goldmine

If you​ haven't heard the​ 'niche' being batted around by Internet Marketers then you​ haven't been listening. Finding a​ niche has become the​ antidote to​ competing in​ overly saturated online markets.
What is​ a​ niche?

According to​ Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary a​ niche is​ described as​ "a place, employment, status, or​ activity for​ which a​ person or​ thing is​ best fitted... a​ specialized market".

Have you​ noticed that despite the​ closing of​ many businesses in​ these harsh economic times, the​ local hobby train store is​ still around? That the​ 'hole-in-the-wall' eatery is​ thriving? or​ that trends such as​ scrapbooking can start with a​ bang and​ still close within a​ year when four similar businesses start up in​ the​ same area?

The online business world reflects the​ same trends as​ experienced in​ the​ offline world - often with faster turnover and​ startup rates. Those who promote a​ product or​ site that targets a​ small, select audience can tap into a​ market that is​ otherwise not being served. Despite the​ limitations of​ the​ client base, the​ targeted nature of​ the​ business creates a​ devoted and​ active market - the​ aim of​ any business.


Finding a​ niche requires diligent research. Whether you​ have access to​ software that harvests and​ sorts information or​ you​ take a​ manual approach you​ must first start with ideas.

With a​ pen and​ paper or computer, if​ that's more comfortable brainstorm a​ list of​ businesses, products and​ industries. Create a​ list of​ key's search engine.

What sites come up? Do they provide answers or​ solutions to​ the​ problem? How are they making money? Can you​ see an​ opportunity to​ service these individuals?

Finding a​ niche can open the​ door to​ a​ profitable online business. Research the​ market and​ be certain that your product or​ service is​ valuable to​ this group. Find forums or​ groups that target this audience and​ pay close attention to​ their concerns.

If you​ can help these people you​ WILL make money. the​ best of​ both worlds!

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