Find Success Through Yahoo Web Hosting

Find Success Through Yahoo Web Hosting

Anyone who has recently created a​ website – or​ those who are currently researching the​ steps necessary to​ do so – will tell you of​ the​ necessity of​ finding a​ reputable and​ effective web host to​ maximize the​ offerings of​ your website. Searching for​ the​ web host that will provide you the​ services that you need at​ a​ price you can afford can seem overwhelming. What most website owners find, however, is​ that working with a​ web host that has built a​ reputation on quality will often ensure a​ successful and​ profitable relationship. Yahoo! web hosting, for​ example, is​ just another service provided by a​ company that’s name is​ synonymous with quality.

Small businesses, especially, have historically found success through Yahoo! web hosting – a​ company that’s focus on personalized customer service appeals to​ the​ small business owner. What began as​ a​ way to​ organize website visits for​ two Stanford students in​ 1994, quickly became the​ first online navigational tool in​ existence. Today, Yahoo! has evolved into the​ top Internet brand in​ the​ world – globally recognized by Internet users. Parlaying this success into a​ multitude of​ business ventures, Yahoo! also acts as​ host to​ numerous websites – offering reasonable and​ comprehensive service for​ those looking to​ establish an​ online presence.

Small business owners can choose from among several Yahoo! web hosting service packages designed to​ meet the​ needs of​ a​ variety of​ different businesses. the​ first package that Yahoo! web hosting offers is​ the​ starter. the​ starter costs less than $9 a​ month for​ which customers receive set-up services, a​ domain name, 100 sub-domain names, 200 email addresses, a​ disk space of​ 5 GB, and​ a​ 200 GB data transfer rate.

The standard package – for​ less than $15 a​ month – provides customers with all of​ the​ features of​ the​ starter package but with the​ inclusion of​ another 5 GB of​ disk space – bringing it​ to​ 10 GB, a​ transfer rate of​ 400 GB, 2000 sub-domains, and​ 500 email addresses.

Finally, the​ professional package offered through Yahoo! web hosting – and​ best for​ a​ larger business - includes 500 sub-domains, 1000 email addresses, and​ an​ increase to​ 20 GB of​ disk storage and​ a​ 500 GB data transfer rate – all for​ a​ monthly rate of​ under $27. and​ no matter what package you choose, Yahoo! web hosting always includes reliable 24/7 customer service.

But best of​ all, with Yahoo! web hosting, you will undoubtedly benefit from the​ quality that has been long been established by Yahoo!

Find Success Through Yahoo Web Hosting

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