Find The Best Keywords For Your Web Pages

Find The Best Keywords For Your Web Pages

If you want to​ improve your search engine rankings, then you need to​ put attention on keywords. Keywords are what lead search engine users to​ your site. Choosing the​ right keywords is​ really important. But how can you find the​ best keywords for​ your website? Well, there are few free tools you can use.

Take a​ piece of​ paper and​ write down all keywords that can relate to​ your business. Analyze carefully your business and​ think of​ any keywords that relate to​ your company or​ product. Ask your friends what keywords would they search for​ if​ they were looking for​ products like yours.

Try to​ avoid common words, you need to​ focus on specific keywords. Than more specific your keywords are than more chances you have that your potential customers will find you.

When you have your list of​ possible keywords, you can try to​ find out which of​ them are most popular and​ try to​ focus your search engine optimization on these keywords. There are some good tools you can use here.

Remember that people often misspell words, so you can include also some misspelled words.

The first one is​ the​ Google AdWords keyword sandbox at​ .
Submit your keywords and​ you'll get a​ list of​ popular queries that include your keyword and​ also a​ list of​ similar keywords to​ consider.

The second tool is​ the​ Overture Keyword Selector Tool . This one shows you the​ related searches to​ your term and​ how many times that term was searched on last month.

The third tool is​ a​ free software, Good keywords for​ finding the​ best keywords for​ your web pages. it​ provides you with the​ following features: keyword suggestion, misspelled words, web page explorer, keyword phrase builder, site and​ link popularity, keyword organizer.

Once you have your keyword list, you can use the​ Overture View Bids Tool to​ find out what they're worth to​ other advertisers. You can check here your list of​ most fruitful keywords. You may find out that you can pay very little money in​ pay-per-click advertising for​ some hot keywords related to​ your business.

Google AdWords also provides a​ similar service, but only to​ registered members. and​ Google doesn't show you the​ highest bids. You can use their tool named Traffic Estimator and​ see the​ traffic estimates for​ different bid values.

There few other places where you can find lists of​ popular keywords: - you can find here the​ most searched terms on yahoo. - What people are searching for​ at​ Google. - the​ 50 most popular searches on Lycos.

Find The Best Keywords For Your Web Pages

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