Financial Vertigo

Financial Vertigo

Financial Vertigo
Although Pathfinder focuses on generating money, this lesson covers one of​ the biggest misconceptions we have about money if ​ we make more money, we’ll be better off. ​
it​ doesn’t matter how much money we make, but rather how we spend and ​ save it. ​
Take two Pathfinder clients as​ examples Client a​ worked at ​ Home Depot making $30,000 a​ year and ​ had his finances in order and ​ spent less money than he made. ​
He was financially free. ​
Client B was a​ doctor making $250,000 a​ year and ​ was financially upside down; as​ he received salary increases, he’d incrementally spend the increase and ​ more.
The more people make, the more they spend. ​
Being upside down financially affects every aspect of​ your life family, marriage, leisure activities, emotional health and ​ the list goes on. ​
Whether you earn a​ salary of​ $50,000 and ​ you spend $55,000 or​ if ​ you’re organized and ​ have your finances in a​ row—there’s always room for improvement and ​ new information to learn. ​

Purpose of​ the Pathfinder Program
1. Learn how to get out of​ debt completely including your home mortgage in nine years or​ less
2. Improve your relationships
3. Pay up to 50 percent less taxes each year
4. Learn how to make a​ smooth transition into retirement
5. Establish lasting wealth for generations to come

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