Fight Back Against Joint And Muscle Pain

Fight Back Against Joint And Muscle Pain

You can conquer pain. When the strains of​ physical activity or​ disease start to​ affect your joints, there are some effective ways you can fight back, without the sometimes serious side effects of​ many drugs.

• One of​ the latest therapies being used by health professionals is​ a​ natural compound composed of​ special fatty acids, available in​ supplement form. in​ clinical studies conducted at​ the University of​ Connecticut and published in​ the Journal of​ Rheumatology, the compound, called Celadrin, was shown to​ alleviate pain and increase range of​ motion, with no reported side effects.

Actor Dick Van Patten, an​ avid tennis player, was temporarily sidelined with severe shoulder pain. Facing painful cortizone shots or​ surgery, he tried a​ cream containing the compound.

"In a​ couple of​ days, the pain started to​ subside, and soon I was back to​ playing the game I love."

Research has shown that the special fatty acids in​ Celadrin inhibit inflammation in​ endothelial cells that line the inside of​ various body cavities, and decrease the pro-inflammatory effects of​ arachidonic and other fatty acids. in​ addition, they may help to​ lubricate an​ affected joint, resulting in​ pain relief and increased mobility.

Here are some additional things you can do to​ help fight joint and muscle pain naturally:

• Touch can be comforting, particularly from a​ partner or​ a​ pet.

• Maintain your ideal body weight and exercise regularly.

However, not just any type of​ exercise will do. Exercise programs should be individualized, because people have different needs.

• Applying heat to​ the affected area can help relax muscles and joints and thus prevent painful spasms. Use a​ heating pad for 20 to​ 30 minutes at​ a​ time-going longer can lead to​ burns.

• Counterintuitively, cold can have the same effect as​ heat. in​ addition, the numbing properties of​ an​ ice pack-wrapped in​ something; never apply ice directly to​ the skin-can dull the pain, making it​ easier to​ go about your day.

Fight Back Against Joint And Muscle Pain

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