Few Facts On Chef Or Nursing Uniforms

Few Facts On Chef Or Nursing Uniforms

Few Facts on Chef or​ Nursing Uniforms
When you hear the words chef or​ nurse you probably think at​ a​ chef dressed in​ white and with a​ large hat, and at​ a​ nurse also dressed in​ a​ fancy white uniform .​
The standards in​ chef and nursing uniforms include a​ wide range of​ clothing equipment, and these days you can find a​ large variety of​ uniforms for sale on the internet .​
Here is​ a​ little more information about them.
Many chefs do not wear their full uniforms while they are working, but usually the respectable hotels and restaurants insist that their chefs wear all the uniform .​
These uniforms are made of​ several pieces .​
From these, the most popular is​ of​ course the chef hat, which is​ a​ big white hat with special decorations on top .​
Also known are the chef's apron and scarf .​
Most chefs wear these pieces all the time .​
But the uniform is​ also composed of​ a​ bandanna, a​ tie, a​ pair of​ pants, gloves and shoes .​
These parts are not compulsory however.
Large chains of​ restaurants and hotels usually prefer that their chefs wear designer jackets that have the brand of​ the hotel written on them .​
Also, instead of​ the well-known chef hats they may wear normal caps .​
This is​ recommended, because they can keep hair finds from falling inside the food .​
But the other people in​ the kitchen are wearing regular caps, so it's better if​ the chef wears his special hat so that he can be recognized.
When it​ comes to​ the chef uniform's colur, usually the regular color is​ white, a​ color that inspires higene, but this is​ not a​ standard, the uniforms may have any color, depending on what the company wants .​
Some prefer dark colors because stains are less visible in​ this case.
The apron is​ usually used to​ display the company's logo, and the pants are usually baggy ones, that allow freedom of​ movement .​
Finally, the shoes must have low heels and they too must be comfortable.
On the other hand, nurses uniform's included few pieces at​ the beginning .​
the firs ones were simply white dresses with an​ apron attached .​
But as​ time passed, this changed, and now thy are composed of​ a​ pair of​ comfortable pants and a​ tunic .​
The colors may vary from situation to​ situation, but the most popular colors are of​ course the white ones, and these also help the patients recognize the nurses.
Many different types of​ uniforms are available for purchasing on the Internet, and clients may also order customized ones, that fit their preferences.

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