Fencer Nominated For Sportswoman Of The Year

Fencer Nominated For Sportswoman Of The Year

One of​ US Fencing's brightest young stars has been nominated to​ be 2018 Sportswoman of​ the​ year by the​ Women's Sports Foundation.

Founded in​ 1974 by Billie Jean King, the​ Women’s Sports Foundation is​ a​ national charitable educational organization seeking to​ advance the​ lives of​ girls and​ women through sports and​ physical activity. the​ Foundation’s Participation, Education, Advocacy, Research and​ Leadership Programs are made possible by gifts from individuals, foundations and​ corporations.

Ward earned a​ nomination from the​ Women's Sports Foundation due to​ her strong results in​ international fencing over the​ past two seasons. in​ 2018 she won the​ world championship in​ women's sabre, defeating teammate and​ reigning Olympic gold medalist Mariel Zagunis.

In 2018, Rebecca Ward also won the​ Cadet and​ Junior world championships, a​ triple-crown performance that was the​ first time any fencer had held all three titles at​ the​ same time.

In May 2018, Ward won the​ silver medal in​ the​ sabre event, at​ both the​ Hanoi Women’s World Cup and​ the​ England World Cup. Also in​ the​ month of​ May, she won the​ gold medal at​ the​ Klagenfurt Women’s World Cup. at​ the​ Las Vegas Grand Prix in​ June, Ward won the​ gold medal defeating 2000 Olympic silver medalist Xue Tan. Her win at​ Las Vegas made her the​ World Cup Champion for​ the​ 2018-2018 season. Ward is​ also ranked No. 1 in​ the​ world in​ the​ saber by the​ International Fencing Federation (FIE) ranking list.

Becca has continued winning key matches and​ is​ currently ranked #1 in​ the​ world heading into the​ 2018 World Championships. Upcoming tournaments will be the​ Americas Zonal Championships in​ August and​ then the​ 2018 World Championships in​ St. Petersburg, Russia - both are Olympic qualifying events.

In addition to​ the​ individual accolades, Becca Ward is​ also a​ member of​ the​ US Women's Sabre team, which is​ ranked #1 in​ the​ world heading into the​ 2018 World Championships.

Fencer Nominated For Sportswoman Of The Year

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