Female Weight Gain

Female Weight Gain
Studies show that women—compared to​ men—are more prone to​ weight gain. ​
This is​ not because females eat more than males. ​
But it​ is​ believed that female weigh gain has certain link to​ their hormones,​ which are prone to​ certain imbalance. ​
Experts believe that this imbalance in​ hormones can be caused by aging or​ menopausal,​ taking in​ certain medications,​ or​ her over all lifestyle. ​

Female weight gain has been considered as​ a​ sort of​ epidemic not only in​ the​ United States but also in​ other first world countries. ​

This is​ because studies show that more and​ more hormonal imbalance in​ females are noted in​ countries where women tend to​ be more busy because they don’t have time to​ take care of​ themselves by proper eating and​ regular exercise. ​
Aside from improper diet and​ lack of​ regular physical activities,​ women who have unhealthy lifestyle such as​ active night life are more prone to​ female weight gain because they tend to​ drink more ​alcohol​ and​ eat less nutritious foods in​ the​ process. ​

However,​ female weight gain does not always indicate obesity. ​

There are cases when females need to​ gain some weight to​ recover from a​ certain eating disorders such as​ anorexia or​ bulimia. ​
There are also those who need to​ gain more weight to​ be able to​ gain confidence by having a​ fit and​ sexy body. ​

For females who are looking forward to​ gaining some more weight,​ they should focus more on​ eating the​ right kind of​ food.
This is​ very important because the​ type of​ food intake will determine the​ amount of​ nutrition and​ calories that are stored in​ their muscles. ​
For healthy female weight gain,​ the​ focus of​ food selection should rely on​ healthy foods that consist of​ vegetables,​ fruits,​ lean meats,​ beans,​ seafood,​ and​ poultry products. ​

Aside from balance and​ healthy food selection,​ healthy female weight gain should also involve sufficient supplementation like vitamins as​ well as​ a​ set of​ regular exercise such as​ everyday work out. ​

Women who are looking forward to​ gaining weight for aesthetic or​ health purposes should bear in​ mind that this task would require many—but sufficient—calorie intake.
The amount of​ calories that should be present in​ the​ body should be somehow regulated to​ ensure that it​ would not go beyond the​ standard weight target. ​

For those who are planning to​ lose weight due to​ excess female weight gain,​ they should start to​ trim down on​ foods that have too much fat and​ calorie content. ​
They should also stick to​ light meals to​ ensure that they are not losing all the​ nutrients in​ their body.
Aside from regulating their food intake,​ women who are afraid of​ the​ consequences of​ too much weight gain should also engage in​ physical activities that can help them build firm muscles and​ fit body. ​

Whatever your reason for female weight gain,​ it​ is​ very important to​ take note of​ your overall heath condition. ​
For those who are planning to​ gain some weight through regular workout and​ other rigorous physical activities such as​ bodybuilding,​ it​ is​ very important to​ be physically active first. ​
This is​ to​ prepare your body for the​ set of​ exercises that would be required during the​ workout.
Being physically active is​ also a​ good indicator that you are physically fit. ​
Other way of​ knowing if ​ you are physically fit is​ by consulting your physician. ​
The doctor will conduct a​ series of​ test that will determine if ​ you are ready to​ gain weight or​ if ​ you need to​ lose some. ​
By doing this,​ you can avoid certain complication brought by female weight gain.

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