Features Of Computer Rpg S

Features Of Computer RPG's
Computer role playing known as​ Role playing game or​ (RPG),​ has become one of​ the​ most popular forms of​ computer games on​ the​ market today .​
RPGs not only use point and click methods,​ but include traits such as​ character selection,​ multi-players,​ first or​ third person shooters and strategy .​
This means that the​ player gets emotionally and physically involved in​ the​ game.
The characters range from regular human beings to​ mythical creatures such as​ monsters .​
Each character has different traits and levels of​ skill,​ for example they could be archers with their tools or​ magicians with their potions or​ even something as​ simple as​ a​ human being and his fists .​
These characters are on​ a​ quest .​
On that quest,​ they will face a​ lot of​ strange creatures such as​ berserk monsters or​ sinister enemies that could be in​ a​ horror movie .​
As you become successful in​ completing a​ level,​ the​ difficulties increase .​
All the​ traits you possess as​ the​ character must be monitored to​ see if​ you have the​ ability to​ protect your self and fight off your enemies.
To keep track of​ the​ area,​ there is​ a​ map always present .​
It is​ laid out on​ a​ rectangular grid and north is​ facing the​ top of​ your screen .​
This sometimes confuses people,​ so there is​ a​ more detailed map that pops up if​ you click automap .​
It breaks down the​ large map into a​ smaller section and tells you exactly where you are.
The character roams the​ map fighting off creatures or​ getting through other situations depending on​ the​ settings which could vary from fantasy or​ futuristic to​ wasteland or​ medieval .​
The tools you have may be added to​ along the​ way .​
You could get something that would heal wounds or​ strengthen the​ character (called manna) or​ you could upgrade the​ weaponry you possess so that instead having to​ hit your enemy with three blows you can cut them down with one .​
It is​ better to​ save these bonuses for fighting a​ group of​ creatures or​ the​ final challenge of​ that particular level.
Because RPG’s have been developed from the​ beginning in​ two different geographical locations,​ two distinct branches have evolved over time .​
There are the​ Asian RPGs,​ which tend to​ have creatures resembling Japanese anime characters set in​ a​ futuristic or​ fantasy world and represented with colorful bright visuals .​
And then there is​ the​ Western RPGs which tend to​ take a​ more realistic approach .​
The settings are usually based medieval periods or​ other historical and mythical times and the​ storylines are dark and build up slower.
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