Fayetteville Restaurants

Fayetteville Restaurants

Just about every Fayetteville restaurant has something unique on their menu to​ tempt your palate. No matter what cuisine you desire, you can find it​ in​ Fayetteville, North Carolina.

For some fantastic Thai food, check out the​ Thai Pepper Restaurant. Here you can get exotic, Thai food at​ a​ reasonable price in​ the​ heart of​ a​ charming, southern community. the​ Thai Pepper Restaurant is​ located on North Reilly Road and​ has a​ very extensive menu, including vegetarian fare. in​ addition to​ such Thai favorites as​ Mee Grob and​ Pad See Ew, which are Thai noodle dishes, you can also enjoy some Chinese favorites such as​ Sweet and​ Sour Shrimp, Beef and​ Broccoli and​ Moo Goo Gai Pan. the​ menu is​ so extensive at​ this Fayetteville restaurant that you will have a​ difficult time making up your mind on what to​ eat.

The Barn is​ considered one of​ Fayetteville’s leading restaurants. This historical landmark offers charming atmosphere and​ fine food. for​ starters, try some delicious Calamari served with marinara or​ sauce or​ Mushrooms stuffed with delicious, fresh crab stuffing and​ topped with mozzarella cheese.

Seafood is​ very fresh in​ Fayetteville, North Carolina and​ many Fayetteville restaurants have a​ large selection of​ tasty seafood entrees. the​ Blackened Salmon at​ the​ Barn is​ something you truly have to​ taste to​ believe. Another excellent seafood dish at​ this Fayetteville restaurant is​ Blackened Grouper. the​ Grouper is​ served with shrimp and​ large scallops and​ is​ simply delightful.

If you like steak, you can enjoy Filet, Prime Rib or​ Ribeye steaks, cooked to​ perfection at​ the​ Barn. Gthe service at​ this Fayetteville restaurant is​ excellent and​ they also have a​ full service bar where you can have sip cocktails before or​ after your meal.

Those of​ you not familiar with East coast fare will want to​ try Baldinos Giant Jersey Subs and​ Salads. This is​ an​ excellent lunch spot and​ there are several locations throughout Fayetteville, North Carolina. Try a​ pepper steak and​ cheese sandwich to​ really tempt your taste buds. Steak and​ Cheese sub sandwiches are famous throughout the​ East coast and​ I was glad to​ see that this Fayetteville restaurant offered the​ authentic version of​ these delicious sandwiches.

Another fun lunch or​ dinner spot and​ one of​ my favorite Fayetteville restaurants is​ Docks at​ the​ Capital, located in​ downtown Fayetteville on Hay Street. Docks is​ a​ fun place to​ take the​ entire family and​ they have a​ kids menu available for​ anyone 12 and​ under. There is​ live entertainment daily at​ Docks and​ a​ very extensive menu.

I recommend that everyone who visits this Fayetteville restaurant try the​ Fish and​ Chips. Those of​ us who live in​ the​ Midwest or​ other parts of​ the​ country seldom get good fish and​ chips, but those at​ Docks are absolutely delicious. the​ fish is​ battered grouper which has been deep fried and​ the​ chips are French fries that are served with a​ side of​ vinegar. I also enjoy the​ crab cake dinner made with fresh, succulent crab.

In addition to​ delicious seafood, Docks also offers a​ large choice of​ steaks done to​ perfection. the​ appetizer menu is​ larger than most dinner menus in​ restaurants and​ has just about everything you can imagine, I recommend the​ Coconut prawns or​ Roasted Corn Chowder. Both of​ these dishes, as​ well as​ most of​ the​ food at​ Docks, are fantastic. the​ service is​ quick and​ friendly in​ this wonderful Fayetteville restaurant.

No matter what kind of​ cuisine you are looking for, you can find a​ Fayetteville restaurant that will satisfy your craving. Fayetteville restaurants are located throughout the​ downtown and​ surrounding areas and​ are reasonable and​ offer hospitable, southern service.

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