Fast Cars And The Weight Issue

Fast Cars And The Weight Issue

Weight is​ one of​ the​ most important issues to​ consider when building a​ fast car for road or​ track. Putting a​ car on​ a​ serious diet is​ pretty much free horsepower,​ as​ any attempt to​ lighten a​ car improves the​ power to​ weight ratio,​ this seriously improves acceleration.

The gains on​ a​ lightening a​ car are huge and not just limited to​ gains in​ acceleration either. Once you have lightened a​ fast car you will find the​ car performs better in​ the​ corners and under braking,​ parts such as​ brakes and tires will last longer on​ the​ car also.

The potential gains are huge but it​ must be done correctly,​ you would not want to​ lighten a​ rear wheel drive car too much on​ the​ rear or​ you may find traction a​ problem particularly with a​ high power output.

The truth is​ your fast car could be made a​ great deal faster cheaply and easily just by shaving a​ few pounds off the​ body.

How do we​ remove weight from the​ fast car?

This bit is​ as​ easy as​ you want it​ to​ be,​ but as​ with most forms of​ car modification it​ depends on​ how far you want to​ go. I know a​ guy who races a​ BMW and he decided to​ go all out on​ weight saving,​ he even scraped every bit of​ under-seal from the​ floors of​ the​ car,​ extreme perhaps but he managed to​ remove nearly 2 stone of​ under-seal,​ not a​ bad effort.

The obvious place to​ start saving weight on​ your fast car is​ by removing the​ interior,​ and anything else that you do not need,​ the​ front seats can be replaced with light weight racing items,​ the​ unused wiring removed,​ carpets and sound deadening,​ pretty much all of​ the​ unnecessary parts,​ my car has just a​ driver seat and a​ cage with much of​ the​ unnecessary wiring removed. This makes for a​ car with very impressive performance.

Many other components can be replaced with lighter parts,​ gear box casings,​ axle covers etc. it​ is​ worth noting that a​ stainless steel exhaust is​ lighter than the​ same in​ mild steel,​ so this constitutes a​ worthwhile investment.

It is​ also important to​ reduce the​ unsprung weight on​ the​ car also,​ by this I mean wheels,​ brakes and anything else before the​ suspension mounts,​ this provides a​ very good increase in​ the​ handling of​ the​ car.

Fast Cars And The Weight Issue

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