Fast And Reliable Recovery Of Microsoft Office Documents

Fast And Reliable Recovery Of Microsoft Office Documents

Fast and​ Reliable Recovery of​ Microsoft Office Documents
What would you value most in​ a​ data recovery solution should you lose an​ important document? Would it​ be speed, convenience, or​ ease of​ use? These things surely matter for​ all kinds of​ computer software, but data recovery has one specific demand that outweighs everything else by a​ huge margin .​
This factor is​ reliability of​ the​ recovery.

Microsoft Office documents store results of​ many hours, days or​ even years of​ work of​ practically all office employees and​ most people who use their computers at​ home .​
Microsoft Word dominates the​ market of​ word processors, and​ most if​ not all documents are stored in​ RTF and​ its proprietary DOC formats .​
Microsoft Excel and​ its XLS file format dominate spreadsheet market .​
Most presentations are created in​ Microsoft PowerPoint and​ stored in​ PPT files, and​ most charts and​ drawings are drawn in​ Microsoft Visio and​ saved as​ VSD files .​
Combined, files in​ these formats occupy significant space on the​ users' hard drives, and​ represent hours and​ hours of​ work, much more than any other file format .​

In an​ unfortunate case of​ hard disk crash or​ file system failure, what would you try to​ recover the​ hardest? Would it​ be a​ set of​ software products such as​ Windows or​ Office itself, which you can easily re-install from the​ original CD or​ DVD, or​ would it​ be files and​ documents you spent your personal time working on? Unless you have a​ fresh backup of​ your documents somewhere, the​ documents are impossible to​ simply re-install .​
If you have a​ recent copy of​ your Office documents, that's great! But what if​ your backup is​ several days old, and​ you've put a​ lot of​ work into these documents? or​ even worse, what if​ you don't have a​ backup at​ all?

Recover latest versions of​ your deleted documents even after a​ hard drive failure with DiskInternals Office Recovery securely and​ reliably .​
Unlike general-use undelete and​ data recovery tools, DiskInternals Office Recovery strongly benefits from being designed specifically to​ handle documents stored in​ Microsoft Office format .​

General-use recovery products scan the​ computer's file system in​ order to​ locate files that were deleted or​ corrupt because of​ a​ hard drive failure .​
However, they frequently fail to​ work properly if​ the​ file system itself is​ damaged, which happens a​ lot after hard drive failures.

DiskInternals Office Recovery scans entire surface of​ your hard drive in​ order to​ locate all Microsoft Office documents that are still there .​
In order to​ find the​ documents, it​ uses a​ set of​ signatures that are characteristic for​ the​ Office file types .​
The file system is​ also scanned in​ order to​ retrieve the​ names of​ the​ files .​
The results of​ disk scan are matched against information contained in​ the​ file system, and​ you are presented with a​ complete list of​ all Microsoft Office documents that are on the​ disk and​ that are still possible to​ recover.

Quite often you don't want to​ see the​ list of​ all Microsoft Office documents that were ever saved on your computer .​
There's no point in​ spending time scrolling through an​ endless list of​ files if​ you just need the​ latest revision of​ a​ PPT presentation or​ an​ XLS spreadsheet, but you need that document right away .​
DiskInternals Office Recovery offers an​ extensive set of​ filters allowing you to​ display only the​ files that you need with just a​ few mouse clicks .​
If you need a​ DOC file that you know you worked with today, you simply activate the​ File Format and​ Date filters, and​ only the​ Word documents that were modified on this day will be displayed .​
If you don't remember the​ name of​ the​ file, but know its title or​ the​ person who created the​ document, the​ Title and​ Author filters will show you those files .​
Similarly, if​ you only remember a​ line or​ even a​ few words of​ text from the​ document, you can instantly locate that particular file by activating the​ Text filter.

With full document preview in​ the​ free evaluation version, there are no worries or​ surprises in​ buying DiskInternals Office Recovery .​
Download the​ free trial version from and​ see for​ yourself that it​ is​ fully capable to​ do the​ job!

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