Family Dental Insurance 101

Family Dental Insurance 101

Family Dental Insurance 101
Purchasing a​ family dental insurance plan provides you​ and​ your family two important benefits
• Better oral health for the​ entire family as​ most plans pay 100% of​ the​ preventive service fees such as​ cleaning every six months. ​
This encourages the​ family to​ visit the​ dentist for regular check ups and​ cleaning treatments. ​
Prevention is​ half the​ battle!
• Generate more savings because the​ dental insurance company pays a​ certain percentage of​ dental services for minor and​ major procedures. ​

Here are six questions to​ guide you​ in​ the​ selection of​ the​ right dental insurance plan for you​ and​ your family. ​

1. ​
Does the​ plan allow you​ to​ pick your own dentist?
Some dental insurance carriers give you​ bigger discounted rates provided you​ use their network of​ dentists. ​
if ​ your favorite dentist is​ not part of​ the​ network,​ the​ dental insurance plan may not cover the​ treatment. ​
You should consider paying extra for a​ plan,​ which allows you​ and​ your family to​ go to​ your preferred dentist.
2. ​
Are there restrictions when it​ comes to​ choosing the​ best treatment options? Some insurance plans put a​ cap on​ the​ number of​ treatments or​ limit the​ amount paid for a​ condition. ​
if ​ you​ or​ your family has a​ history of​ poor dental health care,​ then you​ should choose a​ plan that has few restrictions on​ this aspect.
3. ​
What is​ does the​ plan cover? An ideal dental insurance plan allows for one cleaning treatment every six months,​ with Xray and​ fluoride treatments that come at ​ little or​ no cost for each member. ​
For the​ major procedures,​ some dental plans require you​ to​ pay 50 percent of​ the​ entire bill. ​
if ​ your family has a​ history of​ good dental health care,​ then you​ may want to​ negotiate for lesser coverage when it​ comes to​ the​ major procedures. ​

4. ​
Which family members are covered by the​ family insurance plan? Most dental insurance carriers cover the​ spouse and​ dependent children,​ from birth through 18. ​
Some exceptions are given for children up to​ the​ ages of​ 22 if ​ the​ child is​ a​ full time student,​ and​ dependent on​ the​ principal for support. ​

5. ​
Is there built in​ flexibility in​ scheduling dental appointments? Some inexpensive dental insurance plans limit when you​ can come in​ for dental treatment. ​
Check to​ ensure that these scheduled appointments do not inconvenience you​ or​ your family.
6. ​
How much savings does this plan generate? Whether you​ and​ your spouse decide to​ purchase a​ family dental insurance plan,​ or​ avail of​ your employers’ sponsored plan you​ will still be able to​ generate savings,​ for you​ are not paying for the​ entire procedure.

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