Family Boating

Family Boating

Family Boating
There’s no better activity for​ the​ family to​ enjoy together than boating .​
Family boating is​ a​ great way to​ connect with each other, enjoy nature, and​ get a​ little exercise .​
Want some suggestions on how to​ enjoy your next family boating adventure? Well read on!
Start by planning your trip together .​
Get out a​ map and​ find a​ destination you can all agree on .​
Depending on your budget, your trip can be nearby or​ far away .​
There are lots and​ lots of​ places where family boating is​ not only encouraged, but it​ is​ embraced .​
Just be sure it’s someplace you all want to​ go to.
When picking a​ destination, make sure there are facilities that can accommodate your boat .​
Some bodies of​ water will not allow boats over a​ specific size .​
Others don’t have tie-up docks where you can leave your boat overnight which means you’ll have to​ put the​ boat in​ and​ take the​ boat out every day you want to​ go on the​ water.
Family boating means being together as​ a​ family on the​ boat .​
But sometimes too much togetherness can be a​ bad thing .​
So wherever you choose to​ go, pick a​ place that has a​ variety of​ activities .​
if​ Dad wants to​ spend the​ day fishing but Mom hates the​ idea, maybe there’s a​ spa nearby where she can pamper herself.
Involve your children in​ the​ planning process .​
Once you’ve found a​ place you all like, let the​ kids do the​ hard work – the​ research .​
Have them plan a​ route to​ get there, find the​ docking facilities, the​ boat ramps, campsites, etc .​
Make it​ like a​ scavenger hunt and​ they’ll be just as​ excited about your family boating trip as​ you are!
When you’re on board the​ boat, give everyone a​ job .​
Have a​ captain, a​ first mate, a​ cabin girl/boy, a​ galley cook, etc .​
Make sure everyone knows their duties and​ let them have fun with it .​
You may want to​ keep a​ book with all pertinent information in​ it​ so your crew can refer to​ it​ when they need to.
Also be sure that all family members know about boating safety .​
Maybe you could all take a​ boating safety class .​
This is​ very important because take precautions for​ safe boating is​ essential to​ a​ good time.
Family boating can be a​ wonderful, wonderful experience for​ everyone .​
Approach it​ with an​ open mind, a​ laid-back attitude, and​ a​ desire to​ have fun .​
if​ you have a​ boat, get it​ out and​ bring the​ family along for​ a​ great day you’ll all remember for​ a​ very long time!

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