Fading Toward Enlightenment Review

Fading Toward Enlightenment by Wayne Wirs is​ definitely a​ well made book of​ excellent quality – it​ will certainly endure multiple readings. I loved the feel of​ the pages as​ I turned them. I would classify this book as​ a​ useful, inspirational, self-help tool for those searching for inner peace. Wayne shares his personal experiences while he searches to​ come to​ turns with himself and life in​ general through this beautiful work of​ art.

Wayne is​ truly a​ seeker of​ understanding. I was reminded occasionally of​ Joseph Campbell throughout the book, as​ the two focus on similar themes. Wayne shares his journey towards understanding that takes him through vigorous studies of​ mystic and myths, traveling into himself and then out again. He dreams of​ being able to​ reach beyond the ego.

Attractive, attention-demanding black and white photographs are enhanced by the deep-thinking quotations and the author’s excellent discussions. Each stage in​ his journey is​ accompanied by the exquisite photos, and the photos add depth to​ the text – feeding each other. I found that I would read a​ sentence and then look at​ the photo; back and forth - each page a​ slow and rewarding process to​ savor. Written to​ inspire others to​ delve deep into discovering who they are, Wayne asks us (as he asks himself) "Who are you behind those busy thoughts?"

The question and answer interview at​ the end of​ the book was quite helpful in​ finding out more about the author’s personal side and his particular views. He also includes a​ list of​ resources to​ aid the reader interested in​ furthering their journey."

ISBN#: 0976358107
Author: Wayne Wirs
Publisher: Missing Man Press

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