Facts About Tanning Beds

Facts About Tanning Beds

A tanning bed produces UV rays and​ thus just like the​ sun there can be some health issues when using it. You can tan safely by following the​ tanning bed tips provided by many people that have been in​ the​ tanning business for​ many years. Here are some tanning bed facts.
Skin type

No matter what type of​ tanning bed you are using, if​ you don’t know your skin type you could land up in​ trouble. There are five basic skin types. the​ lightest being albino the​ darkest being naturally dark pigmented skin such as​ Asian or​ African. and​ then there are the​ ones in​ between.
The type of​ skin you have will determine how long and​ how often you can tan. Some skin types burn much quicker, while others seldom burn at​ all when tanning. the​ salon you tan at​ will help you determine your skin type. if​ you are tanning at​ home then refer to​ the​ manual that came with your tanning bed when you purchased it.

Tanning Lotions

always use a​ tanning lotion that is​ designed specifically for​ indoor tanning. Stay away from the​ oils. They are messy and​ they get all over the​ acrylic which then blocks the​ rays from reaching you and​ makes the​ bed tough to​ clean.
Use a​ tanning lotion appropriate for​ your skin. So if​ you burn easily choose a​ lotion with a​ higher SPF. Never use inside lotions outside or​ outside lotions inside. Each is​ designed to​ protect you from specific rays associated with that type of​ tanning.
Doesn’t Let Yourself Burn

avoid a​ sun burn at​ all costs? in​ the​ tanning world this is​ the​ golden rule. Some people will burn much easier than others and​ you need to​ take steps to​ avoid burning at​ all costs. if​ you are really fair and​ you never tan without first getting a​ burn, then don’t tan. It’s that simple. Burns are dangerous to​ your health and​ the​ cause of​ skin cancer. No tan is​ worth risking skin cancer. Tan smart!
Choose Your Bed carefully

you should always start with a​ lower watt tanning bulb bed just to​ make your skin use to​ the​ UV rays. the​ beginner beds aren’t as​ powerful as​ the​ mega beds and​ it​ will give you pigment time to​ develop. Once you’ve got your base tan you can move to​ a​ bed that has stronger tanning bulbs. if​ you stop tanning and​ you loose your tan then you have to​ start all over again from the​ beginning with a​ low watt bed. the​ strong tanning bulb beds are very powerful and​ you will damage your skin if​ your skin is​ not ready for​ them or​ haven’t had a​ tan for​ a​ while.

Home Tanning Beds

you might want to​ consider purchasing your own bed. Although the​ commercial beds are great you have to​ work your schedule around their schedule and​ it​ seems you’re always rushed. With a​ bed at​ home you can relax and​ enjoy your tan and​ you can tan in​ the​ privacy of​ your own home. It’s a​ great end to​ a​ busy day.

Home tanning beds can be purchased for​ a​ reasonable price, especially if​ you calculate how much it​ cost to​ go to​ a​ commercial bed. Remember there is​ not just the​ cost of​ session but the​ gas to​ get there, the​ wear and​ tear on your car, and​ the​ cost of​ your time. It’s something to​ consider.
Of course there are advantages to​ commercial tanning beds to. They always have the​ latest and​ greatest beds. They absorb the​ cost of​ replacing bulbs that have become weak, and​ they do all the​ maintenance and​ repair. All you have to​ do is​ show up the​ rest is​ their worries.
However you decide to​ get your indoor tan, just be smart and​ tan in​ moderation. You can have that beautiful golden tan if​ you play you’re tanning bulbs right!

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