Facts About Dog Agility

Facts About Dog Agility

Dog agility trials are becoming more and more popular the​ world over. They began in​ England,​ as​ so many good things,​ do,​ but "agility fever" quickly spread all over the​ globe. Now there are clubs and events everywhere that there are dogs.

Some clubs include the​ Kennel Club (in the​ U.K.),​ the​ United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA),​ the​ American Kennel Club (AKC) and the​ Agility Association of​ Canada (AAC). However,​ you​ need not be affiliated with or​ even live near a​ club or​ training facility to​ enjoy the​ sport of​ dog agility

Dogs are intelligent creatures,​ and they love a​ challenge. as​ the​ aforementioned kennel clubs are well aware,​ every breed has its own strengths and assets,​ both physically and intellectually. It's great fun to​ explore what your dog can do,​ and even train for competitions!

Even if​ you​ train your dog on​ your own dog agility course,​ and don't wish to​ be affiliated with any groups,​ it's still a​ good idea to​ stay in​ touch with them via phone or​ e-mail to​ stay aware of​ any events that may be happening in​ your area. Dog owners are a​ great group of​ people,​ and love to​ share advice and success stories. Dog agility events are also a​ great way to​ get outside and meet and greet other great pets.

Agility competition for dogs became popular all over the​ world in​ the​ 1980s,​ and agility enthusiasts have been looking for top-notch dog training equipment that is​ better looking and more durable than home-made obstacles,​ while still being affordable. This high-energy form of​ competition and fun is​ something that can bring people and dogs together in​ a​ spirit of​ excellence,​ and we interact with our customers accordingly.

Some of​ the​ dog training obstacles include A-frames,​ dogwalks,​ weave poles,​ mini contact equipment,​ contact trainer,​ jumps (single,​ double,​ and triple),​ chutes,​ barrels,​ and teeters. Everything you​ need to​ set up a​ competition course should be easily ordered and quickly assembled.

Your dog training equipment should be durable enough to​ withstand practice session after practice session with no risk of​ injury to​ you​ or​ your dog. Equipment should be made out of​ durable,​ well-sealed materials that are weatherproof and built to​ last. Safety and visual appeal are what matter in​ dog training equipment.

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