Facial A Good Skin Care Treatment For Teens

Facial A Good Skin Care Treatment For Teens

Facial a​ Good Skin Care Treatment for Teens
Contrary to​ what most adults and​ youngsters believe,​ the​ skin of​ adolescents produces more oil or​ sebum compared to​ a​ mature skin. ​
The main contributor for this is​ the​ hormonal changes that are naturally experiencing by teenagers or​ adolescents. ​
Even though it​ is​ a​ good thing that the​ adolescent skin is​ wellhydrated,​ excessive facial oil can lead to​ acne formation.
Normally,​ dermatologists or​ skin care specialists only recommend mild and​ simple skin care regimen to​ teenagers,​ for their skin is​ still young. ​
Apart from the​ usual skin care daily routines recommended to​ adolescents,​ teen facial is​ also one of​ the​ best ways to​ keep the​ youngsters’ skin clean and​ acnefree. ​
a​ facial treatment formulated for teenagers should have the​ following components
* Light cleansing preparation
* Facial steaming
* Deep cleansing
* Exfoliating
* Masking
* Toning
* Moisturizing
Teen facial packages at ​ salons and​ spas
Numerous salons and​ spas are now offering teen facial packages that are fit for teenagers’ young and​ sensitive skin. ​
Although these packages may be a​ bit costly,​ getting a​ professional facial is​ not a​ bad option if ​ teens want their whiteheads and​ blackheads extracted by skilled estheticians.
In addition to​ the​ proper removal of​ unwanted dead skin cells in​ the​ face,​ teens can also seek skin care advices and​ product recommendations from these specialized spas and​ salons offering facial treatments.
As for those who do not have the​ budget to​ go to​ a​ salon or​ spa to​ get a​ good skin care facial treatment,​ homemade teen facial treatments are the​ best alternative. ​
However,​ it​ is​ still a​ must for teenagers to​ know their skin types before applying homemade facial creams on​ their face. ​
The following are the​ different skin types and​ the​ suitable skin care facial treatments for each type. ​

1. ​
Dry skin
Although dry skin is​ rare in​ most teenagers,​ those who do have dry skin should maintain a​ daily application of​ mild moisturizing cleansing products and​ hydrating masks. ​
Teens should avoid toning products that contain witch hazel,​ alcohol,​ as​ well as​ other ingredients that can dehydrate the​ skin. ​

2. ​
Oily skin
For teenagers with oily skin,​ a​ homebased facial treatment should consists of​ cleansing products that are meant for acne prone and​ oily skin. ​
The masks should be clay based and​ the​ moisturizers should be oil free.
3. ​
Sensitive skin
Teens with sensitive skin should make use of​ products that contain very mild ingredients. ​
Products that are formulated for sensitive skin are also the​ top picks to​ use. ​
Exfoliating cloths and​ products should be used gently. ​
a​ sensitive skin type should also be treated with mild and​ nonirritating moisturizers and​ toners.
4. ​
Combination skin
a​ combination skin type requires the​ use of​ mild cleansers,​ light moisturizers,​ as​ well as​ hydrating moisturizers in​ areas of​ the​ face that are dry. ​
To normalize the​ skin tone,​ teens with a​ combination type of​ skin should use skin care products that contain alphahydroxyl acids. ​

As for teens with skin complications,​ they can try photo facial,​ facial peel,​ and​ microdermabrasion treatments as​ these can efficiently improve the​ appearance and​ condition of​ the​ skin.

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